Monday, July 20, 2009

I Be Pimpin'!

Gotta put my pimp hat on for a minute. Both of these requests came just as my weekend started, so I hope I'm not too late!

First request comes from Amy over at Sex, Chocolate and Red Lipstick. She's looking for fellow bloggers to help out with some sort of charity blog, though it's still in the development stage. Check out these two posts to see if you'd like to join in. Sounds like a good idea, and you can get in from the ground floor!

The other request comes from Alex at I'm the Mom. She's involved with the "Paint It Pink Canada" fundraiser that is being put on by Avon for Breast Cancer. Avon will be donating $2.00 CDN for every single vote that is cast. The money will be going to various Breast Cancer charities across Canada. There are prizes for most voted picture. As Alex put it, "I honestly do not care about that." You can go to her site to find more information and links. If you want to head directly to her picture in the gallery, click here!

Be sure to check out both of these lovely ladies' sites! Thus ends my pimping for the day!

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