Tuesday, July 14, 2009

No TMI, but lots of other useless information...

Bailing on the TMI questions this week. Fairly lame ones, if you ask me. And I'm too busy to really get into them this week.
We had our first rehearsal last night for Saturday's big concert. The theme of the concert is "Some Enchanted Evening". Playing nothing but Rogers & Hammerstein. As I expected, this will be a pretty easy concert for me, from a performance standpoint. I don't even have music for a half dozen of the pieces we're doing! Which is good, since last night was the first time I've even pulled my horn out of its case since the night of March 21st. Quite probably the longest stretch of inactivity in my adult life. Good news, however... The music transcription I was working on last month has passed with flying colors! I didn't have a chance to proofread it, so it was nice to hear everything sounding the way it was supposed to! Only two very minor 'omissions' that didn't even really affect the music, but the little bit of OCD that I have made them seem like more. I'll be expounding more about the concert this week, assuming I have time to post anything!
Along those lines, it looks like I'll be sparse in surfing again this week. I'm trying to get to bed before normal, just so I can function by the end of the week (18-hour days are going to kill me...). I'll stop by as best I can.
"You're gonna love my nuts..." -- Jessica sent me a link (when did she drop the 'Redneck' from her title?) this morning. I mentioned earlier this year my fascination with the ShamWow guy (and his legal troubles...). This is a rap version of the Slap Chop commercial. Pretty funny!
Future rants may include the pine bark beetle, rogue HNTers (including a whole crew of Half-Naked Thursday people--obviously haven't seen the guidelines!), AT&T/Verizon, and sexual predators in the blogs. Just have to find the time to write them.
Besides my own busy weekend coming up, it seems like a lot of bloggers are traveling or doing something big this weekend. Safe travels to all!

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