Sunday, July 12, 2009


Today I had the wonderful, though brief fortune to meet up with Amber and her family. Amber is a relatively new HNTer, but a longtime blogger who can be found at Mommy Mania. She's the one who introduced me to the Friday Fill-Ins.

She and her family are moving from the midwest to British Columbia, and put out a call to anyone who might be able to meet up with them while on their way. She mentioned they'd be passing through Yellowstone Park, so I had to jump all over that! We met up at Micky D's in Butte, which is as close as they'd get to me.

What a lovely time! Her boys blew off some energy in the playground area, while her husband kept an eye on them so that she and I could talk. While traveling with two young boys must be a slice of heaven on earth (not), it was quite apparent that they're going to grow up to be some handsome, well-behaved young men!

I'm just sorry we didn't have a great deal of time, as they needed to get to Spokane (hey! that's where Dana is right now!). We hit it off, even on the phone as we determined final plans the night before. I imagine that she'd be a kick to toss a few beers back with. I hope that we get to do just that sometime in the future!

I highly recommend that you visit her site. She's got lots of family stories, very tasteful HNTs, and some great pictures with her fancy-schmancy camera! Hopefully she's got a better one of the two of us. Between my squinting and her tongue-sticking-outing, we do look like a couple of dorks. Cute dorks though. Thanks for a nice chat, Amber, and have a safe trip!

It's always nice to chat with new people and get a different perspective on things around here. I tend to assume that everyone who comes by knows what's going on. Apparently not... Two questions that have been recently asked have been: 1)What's the thing in the sidebar about "sat in the back row"?, and 2) What's up with the OsShirt thing? Two easy answers--those who have "sat" with me are bloggers that I've actually met in person. The first three are (were) real life beer drinking friends who have since abandoned me by leaving town. I'm over the rejection aspect of that. Really. The rest of them are from all over the country. Hence the title of this post--Amber is #45! And for those who don't believe it, I also offer the "proof"--click on that word and you'll see a picture of me with the particular person. With a couple of repeat visitors! I'll have to add extra pictures for the top three later...

The other question about the OsShirt. If you check out the first dozen or so "proofs", you'll see me wearing a very tacky blue Hawaiian shirt. It's also traveled the country on its own, being worn by a variety of people. You can keep track of it on its own blogsite here (best to start from the bottom). Actually, it's only current through the original OsShirt, which was lost by the US Postal Service (we think). I'll work on getting the cite more current, as version #3 of the OsShirt is making the rounds now! You can see it's debut in the click-through here, and expect to see it again this coming week!

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