Thursday, August 07, 2008

Theme Alert!!

I was chatting with a certain someone today, and we were mentioning how uninspired alot of us claimed to be this week for HNT. Well, that can only mean one thing--IT'S TIME FOR A THEME!!!

She suggested doing something for Labor/Labour Day, but that doesn't quite include everybody, so I had to think of something that would appeal to the various nationalities that participate in HNT. A theme that would mean something to everyone. Needless to say, it wasn't too terribly difficult to come up with one.

In TWO WEEKS (please read that part--how many jump the gun everytime there's a theme??) the theme will be THE OLYMPICS! That keeps it wide open with all sorts of possibilities. Half-nekkid hurdling, perhaps? I'm hoping for half-nekkid synchronized swimming, myself! Half-nekkid equestrian events (Vixen??). Half-nekkid gymnastics, track, running, archery, javelin-catching--the possibilities are endless!

So let us put the "politics" of the Olympics aside, and treat them the way that the early Greeks did--nekkid and sweaty! Thursday, August 21st. Olympic HNT. Be there!
A little bit of community pride to spew here... I missed out on this, between all the symphony concert stuff and then running off to Vixen's wedding. Somewhere along the lines, I missed the civic chest-thumping and horn-tooting. There's a publication (I don't know if it's strictly online or not) called bizjournals. They recently had a special report titled "Dreamtowns that offer refuge from big cities and congested suburbs". Check out this slideshow of the top 10 "dreamtowns". Of those ten, two of them are in the Midwest, three are in New England, two are on opposite coasts, and THREE OF THEM ARE IN MONTANA!! Bozeman is ranked #2, Helena is ranked #5, and Kalispell comes in at #6! We may be out in the sticks here, but we ain't got it too bad!
Big plans for the weekend! I'll have pictures!

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