Thursday, August 14, 2008

Funky Art HNT

We have a back hallway that we have to walk through to get to the door to the stairs to the offices at work. As I suspect is true with alot of back hallways, ours has become a "temporary" repository of convenience. Things that don't quite make it back to where they were taken from, stuff that doesn't have anyplace to go to yet, items that, frankly, should be in the dumpster.

We are in the midst of an expansion. It's going slowly. But it's going. One of the things in the hallway that will be moved into the new space is a very large mirror. About 6' x 8', I would guess. Where does it go while awaiting its very own space in the new area--the back hallway. Also currently back there is some artwork (we actually have the largest art gallery in town--local and regional artists only).

I pass this mirror on a daily basis. Today I passed it with a camera in my pocket. On a Wednesday, the day before Thursday. Seems like a HNT opportunity to me! There were better pictures taken, but this one was the most interesting, with the artwork that was leaning against the mirror. I have no idea what the name of the painting is, or what it represents, but it just seems odd...

A little fairy comes at night,
Her eyes are blue, her hair is brown’
with silver spots upon her wings,
And from the moon she flutters down.

She has a little silver wand,
And when a good child goes to bed
She waves her wand from right to left
And makes a circle round her head,

And then it dreams of pleasant things,
Of fountains filled with fairy fish,
And trees that bear delicious fruit,
And bow their branches at a wish;

Of arbours filled with dainty scents
From lovely flowers that never fade,
Bright ‘flies that flitter in the sun,
And glow-worms shining in the shade;

And talking birds with gifted tongues
For singing songs and telling tales,
And pretty dwarfs to show the way
Through the fairy hills and fairy dales.

--Thomas Hood

Look for the reveal on Thursday afternoon!
If the poem didn't just scream out the MG's identity to you, then you must not get around much! This is Elisa from Fairy Flutters. Stop by and say hi if you haven't been there yet (or even if you have!).

We continue to get new HNTers involved with "...the Other HNT". Be sure to stop by and leave some lovin'! As usual, NSFW...
Theme Alert!
August 21st - Olympic HNT

The theme next week is the Olympics.
Somehow incorporate the spirit of the
2008 Summer Olympics into your own HNT!
Celebrate your national pride!
Lots of ways you can celebrate this one!

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