Monday, August 04, 2008

My weekend thoughts

I was very honored when Vixen asked me to come to her wedding, and I made that weekend my only road trip for the summer. Gas prices had alot to do with that, but still, I reserved that weekend for the wedding. Everything else would take the back seat. My biggest concern was whether or not my car would make it. I'm happy to report that the car handled flawlessly! And got much better gas mileage than I had anticipated, so that worked well for the budget!

Both Vixen and SR have done wedding posts, so you've pretty much gotten a good clue as to how things went. The sky was a bit overcast, and that was much better than the record breaking heat that the area had been experiencing. Of course that brought the humidity up quite a bit. Still better than the direct sun. The ceremony was intimate, short, beautiful, and the whole thing was just about perfect.

OK--allow me to be a little bit sappy here. I had never met PC. Hell, I'd never met Vixen. But if I had just met the two of them on the street, there would have been no question that they were in love. While you see alot of smiles in all the pics on the other sites, I can say that it was that way the whole time I was there. At dinner on Friday. Throughout the ceremony. Especially afterwards. If I were the sentimental type, I'd be tearing up right now. Good thing there's no webcam here...

See this smile? This is the smile that came as he realized that things were about to start. It's the real deal. See this smile on her? Also the real deal. In spite of the poor aim on my part... After the ceremony, through the dinner, and then the consumption of much alcohol afterwards, there were the little gestures. The fingers touching. The obscene amount of kissing. The sneaky smiles at each other. All those things that we remember from the cafeteria in high school. I do believe that this union is the real deal! Congratulations, guys! Thanks for letting me be witness to it!
Other things to talk about. The kids. I haven't seen a bunch of kids so well behaved in a long time (other than, of course, my nieces when they were young...). Their kids stayed in their wedding garb until they left, and they were perfect lady and gentlemen. As were their cousins. No pics--I'll let Vixen post any if that's appropriate.
As the evening wore on, everyone left except those staying at the B&B where the wedding was held. Lots of beer and wine were consumed. Vixen jumped PC's bones on the lawn. Bugs were swatted. Beer was served in these warped cups. That was sort of funky.
The drive home. I got to bed at some point after 2AM, after drinking and ending the night talking with the best man and Vixen's sister. I wanted to be on the road by 8:30AM, so I got up at 8, and hoped for the best. Fortunately, Vixen and PC were already up (they made it an early night, going to bed before midnight). I said my thanks and goodbyes, and sort of weave towards the car. Yes, I'm relatively sure that my BAC was still high enough to cause problems. A handful of ibuprofen and a stop at the first McDonald's helped quite a bit, but those first 3-4 hours of driving were utter hell. Not sick, not hungover, but damned tired! I got my second wind, so to speak at around noon, after texting with a couple of people. God bless cruise control, good weather, and light traffic!
"Out of sight, out of mind"--Remember over the 4th when it was mentioned that my wipers were screwed up? We haven't had rain since then, so I'd sort of forgotten about it. Well, you guessed it. A series of rainstorms that I had to drive through for the last 150 miles or so, from Big Timber all the way home. So what did I do about it? Took pictures, of course!

Final thought--I didn't expect this, but I got it from family, and a couple of bloggers. "Why did you go?" From the family, I guess I did. But after skipping town for my birthday last year, nothing really surprises them anymore. But from the bloggers? Sort of unexpected. The simple answer is "because she asked". And then "because I can". But the deeper answer would be because I consider Vixen a friend. Probably not my closest blogger friend, but a friend, nonetheless. Why would I NOT attend? I remember her from the old blog. We chat. We email. I no longer believe in the double standard of "real friend" and "blogger friend". Vixen is a real friend. And now she's a real friend that I've made a physical connection with. I hope to continue meeting my other friends in the same manner. If someone doesn't understand that, then they don't understand blogging. In spite of the hours on the road, the high price of gas, the worries about a funtioning car, meeting a group of people that I'd never met before, knowing that one-on-one face time with her would be non-existent, and various stresses, I'd do it again in a minute. Even if it meant having to drive!

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