Saturday, August 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Girls!

Be sure to check the post below this one, too!

I may be away, but I can certainly wish some of my favorite bloggers a Happy Birthday! I won't tell you how old each of them is, but their combined age is 101. Like the Dalmations. Or not...

Today, it's Q's birthday. She's still just a kid, but that's OK. We still like her! Happy Birthday, Q!

Today, it's also Leesa's birthday! I won't link her, but if you know her, go wish her a Happy Birthday, too! Trust me, she looks alot younger than her actual age!

Lastly, Robyn's birthday is on Sunday. She's just a kid too, but has gone through a tough year or so. Go leave her a birthday wish or two as well!

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