Thursday, August 07, 2008

Deep Thoughts with HNT

For the first time in over three years, I contemplated passing on HNT this week. It's not because I've been busy--I've posted them when I was far busier than I am now. And it's not because I didn't have any inspiration--half of them don't! I just can't quite put my finger on it.

But it's during these times of uncertainty, these feelings of voidness, these questions of existence that one has to pull up their big girl panties, suck it up, and come up with something. So I'll try...

I had all sorts of time during my drive down to Vixen's and back to come up with posts, some new ideas, with thoughts and pontifications. But I didn't. However, I did come up with alot of little observations and questions:
  • How the early morning smell of freshly cut hay smells so good.
  • How I wished I could see the mountains that were blocked out by forest fires.
  • How I tried to see some real beauty in central Wyoming, and was failing miserably.
  • How I could truly describe the unique color that Red Bull makes my pee turn to.
  • How I wished I could take a picture of the mountains to the west of where Vixen lives that would really do them justice.
  • How good a Sausage McMuffin can taste in the morning.
  • How seeing mountains again made me think I was almost home, when I still had 6 hours to go.
  • How there's some really, really beautiful country along the MT/WY border.
  • How I couldn't wait to fill up with gas in Columbus, MT, and pick up a couple of pizza burritos. There's nothing as good as Town Pump burritos.
  • How I wish I'd gotten my wipers taken care of a month ago.
  • How the roadkill in MT smells better than the roadkill in WY (don't ask...)
  • How Town Pump burritos do things to me.
  • How there's nothing quite like sitting on one's own toilet at home.
I had plenty of time for real thinking on this trip. I could have listened to an audiobook. I could have done some planning for the upcoming symphony season. But sometimes it's good to have a lot of time to yourself to just veg out. Listen to old CDs you didn't know you had. And just relish in the thoughts of a good road trip and meeting old friends for the first time.

Oh, and one other thought...please, Lord, don't let me drop the camera as I'm driving down the road at 81 MPH!

I'm closing my eyes and my arms are stretched wide
I'm soaring through valleys tilting to the side
I whiz past the mountain shaped like a head
I swim through the clouds in a sky purple and red
I float beyond the meadow that sways in the moon light
I feel the wind rush past my hair as it lifts me to another height
My skin is chilly but I don't care, I giggle at the sight of my hair
This feelings just mine, and I don't want to share
You think you know pleasure, but you're not yet there
This is my zone, my time to be alone
No dinner to cook, no need to answer the phone
This is my place, where I can shine the moon on my face
My sky I can fly, where ever I please, with my shadow, I race.
So leave me alone when I'm in my realistic dream,
unless you have in your hand, apple pie and whipped cream!

No reveal this week, but if you think you know who it is, ask her--she'll probably tell you if you're right or not!
Wow! Lots of newbie types for "...the Other HNT"! And a couple of the 'regulars'. :-) Stop by and leave some comment love for your fellow HNTers!
Some excitement coming up this weekend! Can't go into it yet, but I think river water, beer and food will come into play to some degree. Who knows what else!!

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