Thursday, August 21, 2008

Olympic HNT

When I get a wild hair, or someone talks me into it, I generally call for a theme with a plan already in mind. I have a general idea what I'm going to do before I announce it. But not this time. Boy, I didn't think people (myself included) would have so much problem with this one! It seemed so easy. So accessible. So timely. I hope you had an easier time with this than I did!

The closest activity I do that resembles sports anymore is golf. Unfortunately, golf has not been an Olympic sport since 1904. The next one I'm remotely in shape for is sumo wrestling. Nope, not on the list (thank God! None of you would have wanted to see that!).

I watched a men's water polo match between the U.S. and Germany. Have you watched that?? If my mother caught us in the pool doing what these guys were, we'd have been grounded for the summer! Kicking, dunking, pulling, and general rough-housing. The U.S. team is in the medal round, which was totally unexpected, so I thought I could honor them. But I couldn't find a horse.

Since I couldn't find a horse for the water polo shot, it goes without saying the the equestrian ones were out too. I thought about fencing, but I don't have a yard, so that plan was doomed too. I went as far as taking a test shot in my bathtub as a synchronized swimmer. I can't begin to tell you how many things were wrong with that idea. I had to find a different angle for this...

I read that Michael Phelps eats up to 12,000 calories/day! Can you imagine?? And his body looks like that! Perhaps that's what I need to do! To celebrate, I could have a Big Mac, fries and a Budweiser (corporate sponsors--gotta support them!). As appealing as this idea was (and may or may not have been attempted...), I couldn't quite see posting a tasteful picture of that. Regardless of how half-nekkid I got/didn't get.

So, as a final thought before totally panicking, I thought about the noble beginnings of the Games. In ancient Greece. Where men competed wearing nary a stitch of clothing. In front of thousands of cheering fans. Yes! Go back to the roots! Not as a nekkid competitor, mind you, but as a spectator, in the bright sun of Athens. And there's only one image that comes to mind when thinking of the word 'toga'...

"When I pay my bills
Gonna leave these Tennessee hills
Take my lady to the sea
That's where we both come from
That's where we both belong
Think I'll go back to the Keys."

She'll be revealed on Thursday afternoon, but you can always ask her, if you think you know!
I imagine this one was a little tougher than normal, even with the tattoo. This week's MG is Queenie from over at Queenie's Place. Be sure to stop by and see her colorful HNT!

Another good batch of participant over at "...the Other HNT". Even have some that kept up with the Olympic theme! Be sure to stop by. Comments are always appreciated! (NSFW, of course!)

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