Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blue Man HNT

It's funny how many of you didn't let me slide on the "date" comment. What can I tell you about her...? Well, obviously, she's drop-dead gorgeous. I wouldn't haul my cookies out in the current weather if she weren't! She's funny, she's smart, she's an absolute doll. She's tall (leggy), athletic, and swings a mean golf club. There's some things that we'll need to work around, though. She's originally from here, but now is living down in Bozeman. Which means she roots for the Bobcats. This old Griz will have to teach her which team is better! And for the most part, my family likes her, which is a good thing. I've known her for over 19 years. That's convenient, since she's only 19 years old!

I'm heading down to Bozeman tonight to pick up my niece and go see the Blue Man Group! I'll be by to check on you guys Thursday! EDIT: If you ever have a chance to check these guys out, you MUST go! Half music, half drama, half comedy, half visual overload. Yeah--that's too many halves. That's how good it is! I hope to have a picture or two up tomorrow.

This week's Mystery Guest is back from a recent stint as the MG not too terribly long ago (luck of the draw!). This time around, though, she's not going to reveal herself, sort of basking in the glow of anonymity! She's been enjoying the cold of the midwest, and finds that the occasional midday hot shower is just the thing she needs to bring a little sunshine into her life! Not quite the same sunshine she's used to, but she does know how to bring a little sunshine into OUR lives too!

"...the Other HNT" won't be posted until Thursday morning. Too many late submissions to get it ready for its regular posting time. Be sure to come back and check them all out! Of course, NSFW! EDIT: Well, I don't know if I put a hex on things, or what, but we only have two submissions this week. Thank you ladies!

IT'S THEME TIME AGAIN!! I'll let you know about that on Friday. I'm sure you're all a-twitter!

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