Sunday, January 20, 2008

Increasing My Jang, and Other Thoughts

Got spam yesterday telling me how I can (and should) increase the size of my jang. That's one I'd never heard.
S1 is visiting us this weekend. The family went to Macaroni Grill (new in Helena) Friday night, with the requisite beer/wine drinking at S2's house afterwards. We'll be doing the family dinner/stuff tonight at my parent's.
I generally keep a pretty tight lid on my frustrations. If I'm in traffic, and some jackass cuts me off or something, I don't flip him off or scream. I generally find things like that wasted, because I'm alone, and no one else will hear/see it. Wasted effort. I might THINK it, but I won't allow it to come out. Until recently. For some reason, I've been dropping the F-bomb out loud. Again, only while by myself, or out of the earshot of others. I don't know if that means I'm stressed, or just getting senile. Could be both, I suppose...
To those of you who send me things on Facebook, or send me messages on Myspace--it's not that I don't appreciate them. I do. But I don't spend a whole lot of time on either. Hell, I hardly have time for Blogger. Thank you, and feel free to keep sending me things, but don't take it personally if I don't send something back, OK?
Someone called while I was in the shower this morning. I checked the number and didn't recognize it, so I did what I always do on these sorts of occasions. I googled it (don't you just LOVE the use of that word as a verb?). The number was from Harvey, North Dakota. I don't know anyone in North Dakota, that I'm aware of. I'm not going to call back to find out who it was, but was it one of you??
I saw something that took me back to my youth in a movie recently. Do any of you remember the beanbag ashtrays? Dad (who smoked like a chimney until the late 60s, when he switched to a pipe) used to have two of them in the house--a red one and a green one. You could set them anywhere!
It's cold here today. And tomorrow we'll be lucky to get above zero. And we've finally gotten some snow. Oh, yes. It must be symphony week...
I flipped through channels the other night and found one of Boris Karloff's final screen appearances. What a dapper-looking gentleman he was! It's a shame that he was typecast into monster/mad scientist/evil roles. Even in this film (which, of course, I can't name), he played an actor who used to do monster movies. I've never really read up on him to see what his personality was like, but regardless--he was a fine looking man!
As mentioned earlier last week, my 3rd Blogaversary was yesterday. I didn't post anything to celebrate...
One of my favorite sites from off the beaten path featured pictures from her family's past. Pictures spanning the last century. Nothing spectacular--just scenes/people from the day. I'm stealing her idea, so look forward to that soon!
I received a very special CD in the mail on Friday. All I can say--"simply remarkable".
I generally listen to internet radio at work. The current station of choice is out of Seattle, and is described as "Solid Gold Super Hits". Now, I'm not sure what country some of these songs were considered as "Hits", let alone "Solid Gold Super Hits", but I've heard things I haven't heard in 40 years! And they go back as far as the early 60s! No, it's not everyone's cup of tea, but dammit, an occasional song by the Ray Conniff Singers isn't so bad! Plus a smattering of the Osmonds, Mark Lindsay, Donna Summer, and a whole host of others that had their 15 minutes of fame. And quite a bit of disco, too. It may be hokey, but it's fun to watch the people come through the office and see their ears perk up (is that possible?) when they recognize something they haven't heard in forever!

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