Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Interview by Cosima

Well, this is fairly embarrassing. Way back in September, I think, I saw that Cosima had done an interview meme. She asked for volunteers to interview, and I cheerily threw my hat into the ring. Then promptly spaced it out until I found the questions in an old email. Sorry 'bout that....
A time capsule will be buried in Helena, and you are chosen to put an item inside. It should tell future finders something about the time you lived in, but more importantly should show what was important to you personally. What would you choose? I think it would probably be a bunch of horn arrangements for In Cahoots. I don't have a creative bone in my body, but I can certainly plagiarize and re-work the prior works of others! These are as close to ME as anything I've ever done. In fact, I had a bunch of them stolen out of my car a number of years ago. The ones that weren't stored on my computer were either lost for good, or took obscene hours to re-write. Yet when the cop asked for their value--it came to $20 worth of paper... You just can't put a price on the hours upon hours of work spent on them.

Why and when did you start to play the trombone? Is there a musical piece that holds special significance for you? I was actually a tuba major through college. Upon my first teaching gig, I found myself in a small town, with a small (but very good) band. Since the price of a tuba is similar to the price of a small car, I didn't own my own. Plus a trombone is alot easier to carry around. So I didn't start until I was well on my way to 23. I picked the bass trombone specifically, since the mouthpiece and tubing were larger, similar to the tuba. As for a musical piece with special significance--there's so many, and for different reasons. Some rock, some country, some jazz, some classical. The one that stands out in my mind right now would be the Waltz of the Flowers from "The Nutcracker". It played in the background (on repeat) during the first intimate moments with a particular young lady who shall remain nameless. Didn't go anywhere, but I'll always remember the moment and the music!

You wake up on a hard prison bed. As you try to remember what brought you there, your cell door opens and a guard tells you that you will be able to make exactly one phone call to a person you know. Who do you call? Been there, done that. I'd call Mom. I've always been close to her, and she seems to take bad news in stride. And she can almost always make things better!

You are going on a photographic assignment that will last one week. Equipment and expenses will be paid, and you are allowed shoot pictures of whatever you like. Where would you go, and what kind of pictures would you take? New Zealand, probably, to take nature/landscape pictures. It's a beautiful country, incredibly diverse, and Tara has already invited me there once she moves!

What’s your perfect Sunday morning? Well, primarily, waking up! Then kicking back, not worrying about any responsibilities, and maybe getting a steak & eggs breakfast served to me by the love of my life. Once I find her....
Don't ask me to continue the meme--I can't ask decent questions... Hope you got a little insight out of this though!

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