Thursday, January 24, 2008

Icy Cold HNT

Monday night.
Helena Ave.
-15 degrees.
(That's -26 Celsius.)
Not including wind chill.
Wind around 10 mph.
Moving timpani.
By myself.
No gloves for 5 minutes.
Blocking the door.
At 10:40PM.
Half-nekkid under coat.
And assorted layers.
Am I having fun yet?
This week's Mystery Guest lives in a much warmer part of the country, though she told me they were going to have "frost warnings", which apparently are a big deal where she's at. This is another lady who carries a gun, and definitely knows how to use it! Even though she's a peace-loving individual. She's not as active in HNT as she used to be, but still participates. She's an avid concert-goer, as well as world traveler, but is also quite content to run around nekkid in her back yard pool, or dancin' nekkid on the Vortex! She'll be revealed Thursday afternoon, but feel free to check her out ahead of time if you think you know who it is! Om mani padme hum.
Doing this a little earlier than usual, but she's already revealed herself on her site! Of course, today's Mystery Guest is DrM2B! Stop by and check out some of her other HNTs! BTW--I could use some more Mystery Guests. I'm running low!

"...the Other HNT" has another nice supply of pictures in need of some support in the way of comments! Mildly NSFW.
One of my favorite bloggers that I've met in person is the lovely Tara Tainton. Tara's birthday is today (Thursday), so be sure to stop over and leave some birthday wishes. I haven't been there yet, but I'm relatively certain she'll be wearing her birthday suit!
I'm sure many of you have noticed that Haloscan has been acting funny recently. Comments temporarily disappearing, or the comment count not matching the actual count of comments. Hopefully they get it figured out shortly!
I won't be around a great deal for the next few days--Sibelius and Nielsen call! I'll pop on when I can, though!

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