Thursday, January 03, 2008

The Process of HNT

To understand Os' HNTs, one must understand the process. Ideas are generated weeks in advance. Research is done regarding the feasibility of the ideas. Once that has been determined, schedules are checked and photoshoots are penciled in. Preliminary shots are taken and market research is done under double secret conditions to determine how succesful the pictures might be. Once a viable candidate is chosen, decisions are made regarding any digital enhancement that might need to be done, alternate poses, or if an entire re-shoot is necessary. Finally, one last round of screenings are done, and the picture or pictures are posted at least by the weekend prior to the HNT in question, in case last minute changes are required.

Or sometimes it's just a crapshoot taken at the last minute. Like tonight. I was totally unprepared for tonight! This is taken up the bell of my horn (Amy). Click it to big it to get the full effect.

I was very excited when tonight's Mystery Guest wanted in on the action. She got started slowly with HNT over a year ago, and wasn't very consistent. She was in the midst of many changes in her life, her job and her family. I sort of lost track of her for a bit, then come to find out that she'd up and moved to a different part of the country! A much different part than where she'd been. Since her move, she's gotten back into HNT, continued her changes with her jobs, and is working on getting her photography skills back to the high level that they were (still needs work on her lighting...). I'll reveal her Thursday afternoon, but for now, just think of her as some chick.
The week's MG is Ms Behavin' from over at Seat Next To You. Be sure you stop by to check her out. She might need a little help with her back...

"...the Other HNT" this week has two different series continuing, a couple of newbies, and a nice mix for both the men and the women. Very definitely NSFW this week! Check them out anyway, and leave some lovin'!
This is the last time this season that I'll make a special request for donations to the "Collection". Thank you to those of you who sent something in, either as first-timers, or to add to your previous ones. Those of you who were thinking about it--now is the time! As always, I'm more than happy to accept them at any time!
Hope you all had a festive and safe New Year's Eve!

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