Sunday, January 06, 2008

Shaking Things Up

I had an interesting message left for me on another internet social networking service. Asking if I was OK, and that I didn't seem like "myself". That I haven't been posting much (which, going back, is true....). So I'm here to leave a bulleted list (you know how I love those!):

  • A change-up with my background picture. If anyone out there wants to revamp mine, let me know! Maybe we can have a contest...
  • I was 50/50 with my NFL teams, but my west coast teams won! I have mixed feelings going into next weekend. I prefer any of the NFC teams over any of the AFC teams. I'd love to see the Seahawks continue to win, but my fantasy playoff team is heavy with the Cowboys and Packers.
  • It's been a nice break away from the symphony for the past couple of weeks. Technically I have another week away, but I've got a little work to do before then.
  • I'm having company in early February, which means I need to clean up around here. Should be just enough time...
  • Heading to MN to see Moose in early May. Gotta find cheap plane tickets--HA!
  • In going through my archives at the end of the year, I went back to look at some of the comments/commenters. Amazing how many of them are no longer around, or who have been forgotten.
  • Along those lines--I've heard from 4 or 5 bloggers who have all but quit. Remember HeatherS or Mara? Both put up posts since the New Year! Phain is back, too!
  • We got a slight dusting of snow last night. I'd complain, but there's too many of you who wouldn't really appreciate that. But we had two days this past week above 50 degrees. Gotta love winter in Montana (well, parts of it...)!
  • Noticed that many of you, as I, were caught off-guard for HNT due to the extended holidays. Hope we all get back into the swing of things! I've got this week's MG taken care of, but I'm needing new ones after that...
  • Many nice submissions to the "Collection" after my third year of shameless begging! Just remember--the "Collection" is always accepting submissions!
  • Horror of horrors (and I'm sure to hear from Leesa on this...), but I went to take pics the other day, and my batteries were run down. No problem--I'll just use the second set I've got. You guessed it. Dead. Needless to say, they're all charged up now!
  • This will probably go over most of your heads, but a friend of mine transferred a bunch of out-of-print Tim Weisberg albums to CD. Love it!
  • Could have finished up my Christmas cards this weekend, but didn't. I still have faith that I'll get them done before the end of the month though!
Sorry--that's about as exciting as I can get. This is why I haven't posted much... To the one that was concerned--I'm OK! Thanks for checking on me though!

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