Thursday, January 10, 2008

Windblown HNT

No, that's not me. That's Leesa. She's been mentioned on this site on numerous occasions. She's even taken care of HNT for me on weeks that I had conflicts. And you guys never even noticed! Anyway, she's a photographer. Dare I say it--a GREAT photographer. She's even gotten some pictures published internationally! One who spends the time to learn her craft, nay, her profession. She's constantly trying new lenses, new techniques, new ways to use Photoshop. Truly dedicated to her camera. And probably my favorite person on either side of the lens.

This is one of the pictures she's got posted on her Flickr site. I love it. While she always finds some quote to add to her pictures, she said that for this particular one, she had the quote first, and then took a picture specifically for it. She talks about how she set it up, using the fan to get her hair out like that. As I'm reading this, and trying to figure out what to do for HNT, it hit me. What higher form of flattery is there than to imitate another's work? So that's when I decided to do just that.

I have learned some things from this project. I suck. I desperately need to get my hands on a digital SLR camera. While point and shoot is convenient, it's not photography. While I can blame the camera for some of it, I also have to blame my lack of skills. Granted, it's harder to reproduce someone else's settings and poses, especially on your own, but I just couldn't quite capture the same image. So I made due with what I took. Where hers appears in a softer focus, I went with the sharper one. Where she's got alot of beautiful hair, well, my beard is beautifully colored! And while her skin looks so soft and inviting, I should have shaved...

Inspired from the picture above, but all my own... BTW, I really DID have the fan on like she did. Can't you tell??

( it!)

This week's Mystery Guest has been with us before. She's not blogging like she used to, but still gets around to check out her favorites here. Those of you who have been around for awhile might remember her as a popular sex blogger for awhile. I've seen that some of you still have her linked in your own sidebars. While her blogging style has changed, she still as sexy as ever! I'll be revealing her on Thursday afternoon. Enjoy!
Well, it's a little later than afternoon, but I've been busy. Cut me some slack! The lovely MG this week is former HNTer Leela Lamore! You might remember her from when she pulled a Britney (before Britney) and shaved her long blond hair off, just for something to do! No blog to link to, but she pops up occasionally on the anonymous site, and comments from time to time!

We got a good batch of submissions for "...the Other HNT" this week. A little bit of something for everyone! Of course, it's NSFW, but you should check it out when you can...nothing really nasty! As always, please leave a comment or two! Your fellow HNTers would appreciate it!
Spent most of the day today dealing with a computer crisis. Not so much the computer, but my power cord. It shorted out last night, leaving me running on battery, until I dried that up! Unfortunately, the nearest Apple store is about 600 miles away, and you can't really bop down to Walmart or Targ├ęt to pick up a new one. Of course, you can't just use any adapter, either... Anyway, Mom pulled through again. She's letting me use hers until I get a new one. I'll be ordering that online tonight, thankyouverymuch.
Still no real snow to speak of here. Leesa's getting it all!

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