Thursday, April 20, 2006

Preparation HNT

So why am I going to the Caribbean? Simple. I was told I was going. My parents will be celebrating their 50th anniversary this summer. They told us last fall that they wanted to do something special. With their kids. To backtrack--they had gone on a weeklong cruise about a year ago to Nova Scotia and the surrounding areas. Neither of them had ever gone on one, and they both absolutely loved it. It made enough of an impression that they decided that this is what they wanted to share with their kids. And thus, plans were made.

Over mild objections, they also informed us that they would be paying for everything. Passports, airfare, cruise, excursions, booze (big mistake...), hotel in Miami. The works! No grandchildren allowed, but spouses were included. Which left me high and dry, but they said that if I were to have "someone special", they'd pay for her, too. Of course, they knew they'd be safe there... I should have mentioned this months ago. Held a contest or something. Seems to be plenty of you wanting to join me! But I digress. The only thing that they won't pay for are gifts we may or may not buy, nor will they pay for any gambling we might do in the casino. That seems fair.

So, in less than 60 hours, I'll be flying to Miami, via Minneapolis. I'll be sure to look down and wave at all of you, especially in Tennessee. I'm assuming I'll be flying over Tennessee. I'll just look for the borders from the air. I'll be taking a computer, so I'll try to post once a day like Addict did, but I won't be surfing much. HNT will run like usual, thanks to the lovely Crimson, and I'll probably shoot out an email or two.

So now I need to spend the next couple of days packing. I think I've got a good start here. Am I missing anything?

"secretly i pride myself on being a visual distraction... though i would never admit to it."

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