Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It's Alive!

Apparently, my computer skills are better than I thought! I didn't lose any files. My speed is significantly higher. And I got rid of whatever corrupt files I had (thank you, Windows Media). So I'll be able to take care of HNT tonight!

As a reminder--there's still time to submit a picture for the anonymous HNT site. Try to get those into me by the early afternoon so I can get them posted. You can find the email link on that site. Once again, as a reminder--the site is intended to be anonymous. If you think you know someone, keep it to yourself, or contact the person you think it is for confirmation!

I'll be taken out for a birthday dinner tonight by the charming, lovely, and always popular (all the boys like her) Rachel. We haven't done anything together for a long while, so it'll be nice. I know most of you are jealous. You should be!

BTW--in case you didn't know it, my birthday is this Saturday, April 15th!

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