Monday, April 10, 2006

Other stuff

It's been a busy 5 days. The concert in Great Falls with Itzhak Perlman was pretty good, but I didn't get the chills up the spine like the string players did. No question that he was flawless, but I think I had hoped for a little more interaction. I understand why there wasn't any, but still.... As for the pictures, I didn't really get anything decent. I had to take them from backstage, with the digital zoom, rather than optical zoom. Even at that, there was nothing spectacular to see from that angle. Video would have been another story, though...
In Cahoots had two separate gigs this weekend. Saturday night we played a fundraiser for the local Humane Society. They're trying to build a new building (which is sorely needed). It was fun, but not a spectacular gig. On Sunday, we joined about a dozen other bands/acts in a local fundraiser called "Lost & Foundation". I've mentioned it in the past. It was started by musicians to raise money for local children who have suffered some sort of illness/injury and whose families are financially strapped. Over the years, we (all of us) have raised tens of thousands of dollars for various causes. We were the last band on stage tonight, meaning most of the crowd had already gone home, which is too bad. And the stage was cramped and we were out of our comfort element as far as sound equipment was concerned. I think we played pretty well, but it was fairly unsatisfying. That happens...
Even with the success of "...the Other HNT", I'm still taking submissions for the Mystery Guest. I know that there's a couple of you that submitted awhile back, but it's the luck of the draw. I promise you'll get your chance!
Speaking of "...the Other HNT", send in your anonymous pictures to:
I've gotten some early birthday cards/wishes. Thanks to Melanie and Lori! Don't forget--my birthday is Saturday, April 15th! Last year at this time, my catchphrase was, "It's all about me..." I won't be so blatant this year, other than the constant reminders!

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