Monday, April 10, 2006

Leaving the Kids Without a Babysitter...

Ever go away for the weekend, and when you come home you find that your kids and the neighbor kids sort of made a mess of the place? That's what happened here yesterday. My pissy post was more of a chance to let people know what I've been getting in emails and chats. Little did I realize that all the kiddies would have free reign while I was gone today!

Though I don't want to stir the pot any further, I want to address a few things that some new commenters said (and btw--welcome to the newcomers. A couple of you were brought up with different standards than the kids around here, but you're still welcome anyway!).
  • I've never come up with a domain for HNT, because I feel that having it hosted on individual sites is what makes it unique. One doesn't have to become a member, or pay for the privilege of HNT. And one doesn't have to contact a third party if they decide that they don't want their picture posted anymore.
  • HNT is not "mine". I came up with an idea, pushed it into the internet, and it's grown on its own. It "belongs" to each person who participates as much as it "belongs" to me.
  • The Guidelines are just that. They aren't rules. They aren't laws. But just as society allows its own sets of laws to evolve, I think that HNT has done the same thing. Has HNT changed from its inception? Obviously it has. Ulitmately, it doesn't matter what we, the viewers think. HNT is supposed to be a personal expression, expressed on our own sites, and the rest of us really have no say in the matter. The flip side to that is that one runs the risk of losing an audience if one's pictures are deemed "too much" by those viewing the site. Some people care about that, others don't.
  • I don't bestow the HNT buttons on anyone. They are available to anyone who wants one. It would be nice to think that the only people who would want one would be participants.
  • I appreciate one particular commenter's view that by allowing just anyone to have the button, it reflects back on me. I've never thought about that, but it doesn't bother me much. But I do appreciate the concern.
  • I will never monitor HNT pics. No time, no interest. How can I justify telling a person what they can/can't post on their own site? It smacks of censorship (again, where is Frank Zappa when you need him?). However, consensus seems to point at using a NSFW warning, if necessary. I would leave that to everyone's own discretion.
  • Undoubtedly, many pictures are downloaded from HNT sites (or anywhere else, for that matter). That doesn't make it right to post them on your own site without permission. That's just basic good manners. Those who don't understand that or openly flaunt it are probably the same sorts of people you'd want to avoid in real life.
  • One of the things that is often mentioned with new HNTers is that there seems to be a great sense of family or community. Thanks to those who rose to the defense of HNT, and to me. It's appreciated! But realize that any "attacks" we had were from those who equally felt they had to defend "their" guy/girl. That's OK. Every one of us has a quirk or something that will piss someone else off for whatever reason. We can't please everyone all the time.
  • Binsk--you told me the real reasons for your decision to go away for awhile. Long before these guys insinuated that you were cowering away. Take your time, babe, and recharge.

That's all. This discussion has run its course and it's time to move on. And because it's MY post, I opt to not allow comments on this one. Because I can...