Thursday, April 06, 2006

HNT from 35 Years Ago

First things first. Go check out the new blog, "...the Other HNT". Yeah, maybe it needs a catchier title, but there it is. Welcome, and congratulations, to the first of our anonymous HNTers!
OK--after the excitement of last week's HNT, and because I'm a little short of time, you get one of my scars. And in accordance with the HNT guidelines, a cute story to go along with it!

Back when I was in 7th grade (1970, you young whippersnappers!) we were studying the Civil War in Social Studies. We were divided into teams for various projects. My team's project was to cut out the States out of a slab of styrofoam, then stick toothpicks in to signify each major battle, with all the pertinent info available. Granted, it seems a little hokey in today's hi-tech world, but in the day, this was a big deal!

Since it was 1970, it was no big deal to bring a knife to school. Those were the days! After all, I needed to cut the styrofoam. My mother sent me off to school with a 12" serrated edge knife used to slice bread. I was sitting in homeroom, waiting for first period, which happened to be Social Studies in the same room. I'm chatting away with all the girls in the room, as I generally always did, while lightly gripping the knife between my thumb and middle finger, resting the blade on my knee. Little did I realize that I was also slicing through my courderoys, and through my leg. I didn't feel a thing. I didn't even know about it until the teacher asked if my leg was bleeding. At that point, I look down, and see that I had a slice above my knee about 2" long, maybe a quarter inch deep, with blood running down my leg into my socks and shoes. I don't recall going to a doctor, or even leaving school. I think I went to the little boy's room, wadded up a handful of toilet paper, wetted it down, and just kept pressure on the thing. I know I didn't ever get stitches.

So I offer to you my oldest scar that I can remember a story for. Hope you enjoy it!

Ah, spring! The sun is shining, the trees are beginning to grow leaves. The bugs are emerging, and the birds are singing.

And the Mystery Guest is lovely as ever.

"...this is how the female body should be photographed.

The shapes, the curves, the beauty of a female form are like nothing else on earth.

I'm glad that I can contribute..."

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