Friday, April 07, 2006

Pissy post coming up soon...

Geez, I leave town for a couple of days and all hell breaks loose! Well, maybe not that bad, but enough that I'm going to have to post about it, and I'm pissed. BE FOREWARNED! It's a result of some emails that I was able to check while away. Don't worry, I won't name names, but there a couple of issues to be addressed (and I can't do that from work!).
I'm two days behind, and have looked at maybe a half dozen HNTs. Don't take it personally if I don't comment this week. I've got alot of catching up to do!
My birthday (April 15th) is a week from tomorrow. I've already received a birthday card and gift from someone!!! Some of you have asked what I want for my birthday. If you remember back to my Christmas wish, I'd like the same thing....
The nice thing about Macs is that they never crash. But when they do, they do it in a big way! See where this is heading? In the midst of site-surfing, I hit upon a site that automatically tried to open a Windows Media file. More often than not, that's a bad thing. Firefox crashed with a vengeance. Safari is already screwed from a month ago. So now my Powerbook won't boot. Thank God the iBook is currently working! I'll have to spend time that I don't have trying to resurrect it. Please use Castpost or some other hosting site!!
The concert last night was pretty good! I didn't get the opportunity to personally meet Mr. Perlman, as he was being pulled in a dozen different directions. I was just the substitute trombonist, so I didn't rate a personal handshake from him in his dressing room. That's OK. I was far more interested in hearing him play. And that certainly didn't disappoint! I did sneak a camera in to the rehearsal, so I got a few shots of him. I haven't downloaded them yet, but I'll post something in the near future.
A couple of people have asked what the golf course is that I have up above. That specific shot is the approach to the 13th green at Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, GA. Site of the 70th Masters Golf Tournament currently being played there. One day, before I die, I will visit that course. My BIL2 is there right now. As a golf professional, he doesn't have to pay to get in the gate. He can just flash his PGA card and walk in the front gate. Fucker. And I won't tell her name, but another one of the HNT crowd is there too. There's days where I wish I didn't live in Montana....
"...the Other HNT" was well received, apparently! I've already received 3 new submissions for next week! And a note to those of you who asked--ALL pictures I receive are posted (which should answer your question...). As a reminder, it is intended to be an anonymous site. If you make some sort of comment "outing" the person, I'll delete it.
Monkey (no, not the stuffed animal--the KiwiStrawberryLover) was the first guest on Dr. Phil today. I spaced it out that today was the day. Hope you saw it. She's not too happy with the way it turned out, and didn't watch it herself. Comments?

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