Saturday, April 15, 2006

Bring It On, Boys and Girls! It's My Birthday!!


So yeah, it's my birthday. Tax Day. The 49th anniversary of the day of my birth. The beginning of my 50th year of existence. Born in the year of the cock (blush). At St. John's Hospital in Helena, MT. On a Monday. An Aries. Dad was 23 and a student. Probably smoking in the hospital waiting room. Mom was 21. Eisenhower was President. Elvis ruled the charts ("All Shook Up" was at #1). "I Love Lucy" ruled the airwaves. So bring it on, boys and girls! Let's party!
I've gotten some presents over the past couple of weeks. Some for winning little contests on other blogs, and some for my birthday....

First off--here I am eating my cake that came in Friday's mail. Yes, it's that cupcake!

Here's most of what I've gotten recently.
Clockwise from the front left:
From Bekah: a flower in a can. You add water, it grows. It caught her eye because of its name, Gerbera, who is one of her regular visitors. I'll grow it and document. I won a contest.
From Brico: a Christmas mix CD for winning his sudoku contest.
From Melanie: my first birthday card of the year.
From Jessica: three different jars of Head Country BBQ sauce and a jar of seasoning.
Again, from Melanie: Schakolad Chocolates (a contest prize) and a Visa Gift Card for my birthday (won't tell you for how much, but it was totally unexpected!).
Again, from Jessica: the great t-shirt that everything is sitting on.

Thanks to all of you for the gifts!

Perhaps the most unexpected find in Friday's mail!

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