Thursday, April 16, 2009

End of the Birthday HNT

Gosh, what a day it's been! Thankfully, I didn't have anything specifically planned--way too much going on! Things started last night with Vixen IMing me at 12:06 AM, followed immediately by Moose's phone call within a minute of her. I ended up chatting/talking with them and others until almost 2 AM!

This morning started at about 5:45 with a phone call from my birthday buddy Mere. And as the day continued, so did the Facebook alerts, phone calls, texts, and emails. Unfortunately, work was really busy, too, so I couldn't completely keep up!

While I didn't get the month-long parade of birthday cards like I did last year, I did get a couple of things sent to me! A longtime friend and lovely southern gal sent me an iTunes gift card. That was unexpected! Thanks, hon!

I got a package today which I was expecting. From another southern gal. However, I didn't expect the 42¢ POSTAGE DUE!! No details about what this gift was, but I can definitely tell you it was well worth the 42¢!

And lastly, a big package came for me that I was told about last week. From yet another southern gal! Not sure what it is about that. Anyway, all I knew is that this sucker was heavy (20 lbs, according to the tracking info!). I had absolutely no idea what this could have been. But what I got was one case (12 boxes) of Thin Mints!!! Dana, eat your heart out! If you're nice to me, I might freeze a couple of boxes for August!

I have often commented that the people 'out here' are a close-knit, friendly bunch. Everything today certainly bears that out! Many thanks for all the calls, texts, emails, presents, comments here and on Facebook, etc., etc... In trying to think of something to symbolize my 52nd bday, only one thing seemed to be appropriate...

I dance for the love

I dance even when I feel pain
I dance knowing there's something to gain
I dance for the love

I dance for me
I dance for everyone to see
I dance for the love

I dance as the sunshine
I dance hoping you will be mine
I dance for the love

I dance with words to say
I dance all day
I dance for the love

I dance even when you leave
I dance and still believe
I dance for the love

~~Amy Lee
This dancer's name will be revealed Thursday afternoon. Be sure to come back to check!
The dance-loving MG this week is part-time HNTer JerseySjov (hey, she's a student--she does what she can!). Stop by and say hi!
Birthday celebrations continue over at "...the Other HNT"! Seems like occasionally there's an unofficial 'theme'. A number of pictures that almost seem to mimic the same pose or body part. This week it appears to have been boobies! It's not ALL boobies, but it's definitely NSFW!
It wasn't ALL perfect today. Snow, wind, temps right around freezing. Not good for these aged bones...

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