Sunday, February 13, 2005

Weekend Reflections

The weekend is only hours away from ending, and I've been trying to come up with a whiz-bang post. Ain't gonna happen, but I did have a couple of thoughts!

The Inaugural Ball(s) were apparently a big success. Lots of lights and cameras. Alot of people who thought that this was a big deal. Two things I noticed--first, people pushing other people out of the way to get close enough to get a picture of the governor. I'm sorry, but this is just some rancher from Whitefish who doesn't own two decent suits. Maybe it's because I live in Helena, but I don't see the fascination. Second, for all the news coverage, I didn't see anyone DANCING! Anywhere! It's a ball. That implies DANCING. One venue looked so crowded that it resembled a very well dressed mosh pit. But no DANCING! By God, if WE had been playing, there'd have been DANCING!

The crazies from the Westboro Baptist Church were in town this morning. Picketed six churches during the morning. Heard through third party discussions that they were just creepy. Even though there were only about a dozen of them, they knew how to cause a stir. Apparently by using drill sergeant techniques of getting right up into your face and screaming about being fag lovers and going to hell. And nasty horrible placards. But there were no big fires burning anywhere, so I guess it was "peaceful". The questions I had were these--where do these people stay when they're in town? I don't believe that the local Baptist churches in town follow their "doctrine". And where do they eat? Perkins? Applebees? Where do they leave their signs and banners when they aren't picketing? If I owned a service establishment in town, I'd excercise my right to not serve them! If I hear of any stories, I'll be sure to post. They're supposed to picket the MT Supreme Court tomorrow--I might make it down to check out the circus myself.

As I'm writing this, I'm also watching the Grammys (thank the good Lord for wireless internet!). I've liked the performances, especially the collaborations. I'm young enough to recognize the names of some of these bands, but too damned old to know what they sound like. Maroon 5 looks like a band I might have to check out. Loretta Lynn just won the country album of the year. Haven't heard the album, but I kind of like that song about Portland. HOWEVER, can someone tell me what the hell is going on with her and Jack White??? Watching the video is kind of scary. Has she found the new "fountain of youth"? Is he getting any on the side? She's old enough to be his grandmother, and then some! But it was nice to see they won a Grammy.

UPDATE!!! 2/14: I just found out that Melissa Etheridge has been undergoing chemo to battle breast cancer. I commented about her new hair "style" at the Grammys on another blog, and wasn't very polite. My apologies to anyone who was offended!

No more thoughts on the weekend. It was pretty quiet. And don't we all need that every once in awhile?

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