Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Here a Tweak, There a Tweak, Everywhere a Tweak, Tweak

As I was trolling around the blogosphere (a word I don't like--not sure why), I saw a post by a woman who was so excited that she found an alternate way of posting pics without using Hello, or whatever PC people use. Being a Mac geek (and damned proud of it!), Blogger suggests using Flickr. Well, I did, and it's a hassle. Just another website to get an account on, forget the password, spend hours uploading files to, and maybe never use. So I thought that whatever this woman did, it should work for me, too.

I'm happy to say that it will (or at least looks like it will), which means I'll have to start posting more pics and linking a little audio. Check the Beethoven post for my first attempt at that. For me, it's a big deal, since I've had no training on this stuff, and grew up when a basic calculator cost about $100 (+,-,/,* only--had to pay big bucks for square root!). Lord help me if I ever bought a book and actually taught myself some of this. But I have just enough knowledge to snoop around in the code and see what I can do. I'm going to make little modifications as I find time. I'm never satisfied with what I've got. I know that there's always just one more thing to make my little site a bit better. Eventually, I'll ask some of you for suggestions or comments, but for right now, I'm enjoying the goofing around!


Lizabeth said...

Mac geek as well here. I won't drop advice till you're done goofing around. Finding it on your own is way more fun, which is why I spend a good 10 hours a day on the internet (hey, I'm at work alright!), but I will tell you that Flickr is actually really easy, but if the other one works for you-I say go for that. Have fun and good luck!

Lizabeth said...

Oh yeah, you are a cyber stalker!! :D How did you know my full name? Thats crazy. I think I'm a little freaked out now.

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Wow. A Mac user and a professional musician. You must smoke a TON of pot.

See, I have a theory about Mackies. I blogged about it, in fact.

Legalize it, dude.