Saturday, February 19, 2005

Seconds, anyone?

NASA scientists have determined that the Dec. 26th earthquake that triggered the tsunami disrupted the planet's rotation and has shaved 2.68 microseconds (millionths of a second) from the length of the day. That means that in one million days (approximately 2,737 years, 311 days at 6:00 PM), we will have lost 2.68 seconds that we'll never get back.

So that brings up some questions. If I'm not going to be around that late, can I get my seconds back now? Who do I see about that? It's not like there's enough hours in the day, let alone seconds! Granted, I'd probably just sleep those seconds away, but isn't that my choice? And what about the Pearly Gates of Heaven? Won't St. Peter be checking to see how long I was alive down here? What if I haven't fulfilled my full allotment of God-given seconds here on earth? It'll be just like Warren Beatty and his soprano sax, all over again!

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