Sunday, February 06, 2005

Remains of the Day

Sorry for the semi-gross picture. It's the remains of the mesquite bbq w/lime chicken nuggets I whipped up for our Super Bowl party. Some friends got together early for a couple of hours of cutthroat poker (5¢ antes, 50¢ maximum raises). I came out about $4 ahead, so that was a good thing. We did the chicken, Howard's pizza (those of you who have had it know how good it is!), some burned nachos and some little smokies. And beer. Lots of beer. Cold beer.

At some point the game started. Being stuck in MT, there's not any "local" professional teams to follow in that rabid way that fans in larger cities do. I think western MT generally will root for Seattle, the rest of the state seems to like the Broncos. Needless to say, neither of those teams played today. I think we were hoping the Eagles would pull it out, and no one really liked the Patriots (sorry Rachel!). In the end though, the day was all about getting together, drinking beer, laughing at mediocre commercials, and hoping that Sir Paul would show his little smokie in some sort of "malfunction" at halftime.

All in all, a good use of a Sunday afternoon. Cold beer, cold pizza, cheap poker and good friends. Hope your day was at least as fulfilling!

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