Sunday, November 07, 2010

Playground Safety Rules for Kids to Know

Don't Talk to Strangers: This may seem basic, but for a preteen, you can get more specific about suspicious behavior, and you can tell your preteen what to do if they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. Knowing which adults are okay to ask for help (teachers, parents of friends, police) is also important.

Play Safely: This rule includes not taking unnecessary chances on Playground equipment or being a show-off.

Set Behavior Expectations: Kids alone can get into arguments with other kids, find trouble or become victims of bullying by older, bigger kids. Give your child tools for how to handle a situation in which he or she is being pushed around, how to avoid peer pressure and how to get away from an argument.
I have been entertained all weekend by the childish playground behavior found on a couple of the blogs out here. Words that come to mind...nonsensical, sad, juvenile, pathetic, unnecessary, divisive, humorous, honesty, bandwagon, misinformation, ignorance, overkill. Anything I've missed? If you don't know what I'm talking about, consider yourself fortunate!
Good Lord, the Cowboys look terrible this season!
I think the last day of mild weather was today. Temps in the upper 60s over the past week, but we have a winter weather advisory for tonight through Tuesday. Depending upon who you listen to, we'll either have 5" of snow by then, or just a snow/rain mix. I'm hoping for the latter. Should be snow in the mountains though. It was a nice run of the nice weather while it lasted!
I finally got caught up on my HNT site, up through September. I'll be updating it in groups of 10. There's currently 270 weeks posted. Not that I'd expect you to go through them all, but it's been an interesting exercise to go back and look at the pictures. Some of them have been really good! And many that really suck, too! Interesting to read the posts that went along with them. It's been a fun project!
Got the latest adventure of the OsShirt posted on the site. Be sure to check out who's been lucky enough to wear it!
Saw my first Christmas commercial. I think. It was for Pampers, with a woman singing "Silent Night" in the background. How disappointing.


Hubman said...

I wish I was fortunate enough not to know what playground behavior you're talking about...

Emmy said...

Love the rules. A good reminder for adults.....assuming, of course, they identify their own need for them. :)

My daughters today were flipping out at the christmas stuff in stores - and on TV. It was quite entertaining really listening to their disgust!

Sunny said...

Some day I'm gonna go back through all 270 weeks! I think it would be fun.

And ummm, I sat on the beach all weekend. Sorry, just sayin! ;)

And the Mall down the street has their Ginormous Reindeers outfront allready. I'm so bummed. I almost refuse to look at them when I pass by. Its too early!

Have a good snow free week!

Sassy said...

Oh dear. Does this have anything to do with your recent visit to my blog?! =P

Anonymous said...

It is sad when adults act like children, how can we expect anything more from our children? I do not resort to that kind of behavior, ever. I've even told the BF that when we get in a fight I will not resort to name calling or anything of the like, I'll actually act like an ADULT. Some people have no coping skills.

KittyCat said...

I agree its so freakin sad when adults are the biggest problem, with childrens behavior.

as for the photos, I must go thru them all. Can't wait to see what ya got!

Cheeky Minx said...

Clearly, I'm loitering in the wrong parks because I haven't got the foggiest idea what you're talking about. Perhaps ignorance is bliss after all...

Lightning Bug's Butt said...

Interesting take: playground rules apply to blogs.

Enjoy the pending winter weather doom, Os.