Sunday, November 22, 2009

Three Christmas Wishes HNT '09

Dec. 24th - When I first started this in 2005, it was such a great hit that people insisted that I do it again. And so it continues. The premise--choose three bloggers/HNTers to receive your Christmas wish. The wish can be from the heart, or humorous, or fantasy. There's no limitations. Other than the three bloggers chosen should be ones that aren't necessarily close friends. The reason being that you'll probably be sending that person a card or gift in real life anyway. And to avoid being #4 in a particular person's "circle of three", when you thought you were #1 or #2! Anyway, I hope you all give this some thought! The biggest complaint I hear about this theme is that it's so hard! Good!

Edit (from 2005) - To avoid the hassle of having to take HNT pics with holiday plans, families getting together, and all the other things getting in the way, we will suspend HNT this week. INSTEAD, in the spirit of Christmas, I'd rather see this--pick three HNT/blogger participants, but only three. And then tell the world what you'd get them for Christmas. To make this work, don't pick three people that you might normally send a card or a gift to anyway. Pick three people that you may have just met, or have been following for awhile, or found through other blogs.

This can be serious, humorous, from the heart, or from the mind. Hopefully this will prevent some sort of "gift guilt reciprocation". One last thing--when you post a comment like you would for HNT, just list your three people. That way someone who might not expect something from you will know to take a look.

I apparently have confused people. This is how it will work:
  • YOU will pick 3 fellow HNT/bloggers.
  • YOU will choose ones that you aren't necessarily close to, since you'll probably be doing separate Christmas wishes for them anyway. So BFD won't pick Vixen, Vixen won't pick Roxie, Hubman won't pick SoVix, etc....
  • YOU will tell us what you're going to get them for Christmas, if you had the means to do so.
  • YOU will do all of this on YOUR site.
  • YOU will comment here to let us know that you've put up your list, and to whom you're gifting.
  • YOU will comment to, or email, the recipients to let them know you've listed them, so they can come to your site and see what they'll get.
  • (optional) - YOU will post a picture of each gift, if that's possible.
  • WE will got to your site and see how generous you are to total strangers.
  • WE will also get to reap the benefits of a HNT pic, should you decide to post one (many of you apparently are much more organized than myself
If you want to get a feel for what I've done in the past, go here, here, here and here.

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