Thursday, November 05, 2009

Pricey HNT

I promise that this will be one of the last times I dwell on the diabetes. It's been 4 weeks (already?!?) since things went downhill fast. My daily routine has been rescheduled and I think I'm getting a handle on it all. I've found out how quickly the supplies run out. I've found out that poking one's fingers to get blood to test gets really old (and no, I can't do it in my arm). I've found that eating three sensible meals a day actually DOES fill you up!

But most of all, I've found that none of this comes cheap (though I am getting much of it for free!). Under the prescriptions and alcohol swabs and syringes and whatnot, you can see my hospital bill. Granted, many of you have had far higher bills, but most likely have had insurance pay a major chunk of it. Not me. You can click on the picture to find out the current amount owed (not including a second bill for extra labwork...). I'm pointing at it right there. I do find humor in the sentence that says "all balances are payable in full within 30 days". We'll see how that goes! Be looking for a PayPal button in my sidebar in the near future...

"Well my sweet baby wears fishnet stockings
When she starts a rockin' there ain't no stoppin'

Singing wop bop a doo dop fishnet stockings
Shoo wop a doo dop when she's rockin'
Bop bop a doo dop there ain't no stoppin'
Rockin' with my baby in her fishnet stockings

Well she's got a pair in pink
She's got a pair in red
When she puts the black ones she makes me lose my head..."

"Fishnet Stockings"--Stray Cats

This week's Mystery Guest will be revealed late Thursday afternoon. Be sure to come back to find out who it is!
Not too much of a mystery who this week's MG is...  Of course, it's Vixen, with the real finale to her series!   Go check her out if you haven't already...or even if you have!

We've got some lovely submissions from your fellow HNTers over at "...the Other HNT". Stop over to check them out and give them some support! NSFW, as usual.

Trojan is still holding her position around the #31 mark. Really, all you need to do is click the link, click the vote button, and type in the word verification. Help a former HNTer out! Do it now, and do it often! Just like they do in Afghanistan!

If you haven't already, go wish BTExpress a happy birthday (but only if you know his super secret web address). And feel free to send him boobies. He likes boobies!

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