Thursday, November 26, 2009

New Toy HNT

As I mentioned last week, I ordered a shiny new toy (thank you, Vixen, for going there...). I broke down from the beating I'd been taking from Verizon to upgrade, and between the sale they had going, and my upgrade credit, ordered myself the new Droid by Motorola! It sounds like Verizon and Apple are pissy again, so who knows when the iPhone will ever reach Montana... This is pretty cool though. It's all based on Google's Android OS, so I'm automatically synched to Google Maps, Google Mail, and all the assorted contacts and bookmarks. It also plays well with Facebook. It's sleek, it's pretty, and now I'm one of the cool kids!! So this is me, with my Droid, taking a picture of me taking a picture of me with the Photo Booth app on my work computer. Confused?

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you, dear Mystery Guest!
Happy Birthday to you!

This week's MG/birthday girl is the lovely Coy Pink! If you haven't done it already, be sure to stop by and wish her a Happy Birthday!

Some wonderful pictures over at "...the Other HNT" this week! Be sure to stop by and express your thanks to your fellow HNTers!! Definitely NSFW (as usual...)
I got a request from Molls over at "Neamhspleach". She's been working with a photographer, and requested I post the following for him:
I am working on a Photo project titled, "Sex is a Weapon". I will be shooting in DC and NY. You can see some of my work at

This project will directly address sex and sexuality. Some of the images will be meant to challenge the observer, some of the images will be meant for me to challenge myself (take myself out of my comfort zone), and challenge people's notions of sexuality and intimacy.

My influences for this are Mapplethorpe, Newton and Richardson.

If interested, email me at
You can read a bit more detail on her site, as well as see the first of the pictures he's taken of her. She's also going to be using them for her HNTs for the next few weeks. Any of you who might be interested/available should check him out! I'll make mention of this again for a couple of weeks...
By now, you should have noticed the THEME ALERT up on my sidebar. You can click on them to find the details of the December themes. If you have any questions, email me! For whatever reason, the second theme seems difficult for people to grasp!

Go vote for Trojan.
From what I understand, she's still stuck in the 30s as far as her overall standing, but is sitting about 3rd or 4th in her age group!! Only one more month to get her numbers up, so be sure to stop by and vote... Daily!!

Lastly, I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving Day, with friends, family, or whomever you spend it with! If you don't celebrate Thanksgiving today where you're at, c'mon in anyway...there's plenty of room! Lord knows I've got a lot to be thankful for this year. Hope you all do too!

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