Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lotsa Tracks HNT

THEME ALERT!!! First things first...I can announce the December themes!! We've been doing this since the first December of HNT, and it seems to work out well! I'll have links to the specifics over on the sidebar by this weekend, and I'll make constant mention of them. There always seems to be someone who misses the themes, so feel free to mention them on your own sites too! The themes/dates:
Thursday, Dec. 17th will be the Christmas HNT
Thursday, Dec. 24th will be the Three Christmas Wishes HNT
Thursday, Dec. 31st will be your Year's Favorite HNT
Be sure to check back by the weekend for the details of each!
I mentioned that over the weekend I spent time adding music to my iPod. It's been awhile since I've done it, and I've gotten bored with a lot of what was loaded on it. And that doesn't even include the 800+ Christmas songs on it!

I opted for just the stuff that wouldn't be classified as "classical", jazz, soundtracks or comedy. In other words (for me), rock and country. And since I've only bought a handful of CDs in the past couple of years, it was "older" rock and country. I tried to pick at least one track from each disc to add, but after finding so much crap, I opted out of that. But I still went through every one of them to see what might be worth adding!

As I was pulling CDs off the rack, I started thinking about the incredible amount of money I've spent on these. I've never actually counted how many I've got, but I estimate 1500 would be on the low side. Being extremely conservative and estimating $10/CD (due to sales, freebies and discounts), I've spent between $15-20K on my music. Most likely more.

I'm hoping to get some inventory software soon. Complete with a bar code scanner which will go out and find all the necessary info (much like most music players do these days). If and when that happens, and I take the hours that would be involved, I'll let you know the final tally. In the's what two rows of the rack behind me look like when not on the rack. That's only as far as Emerson, Lake & Palmer (yes, they're alphabetized, by genre...). There's another 10 rows on that rack. Plus a second rack that's just a bit smaller with my classical music. The Christmas music gets its own rack in the back room. I'm embarrassed to let you know that there are just as many LPs sitting in storage. Is there some sort of intervention for people like me?

"The curve of your hips
Is stuck in my mind
The taste of your lips
So sweet that I find
Myself lost in the thought
Of our next embrace
I see now I'm caught
Without even a chase"

- Shawn Self -

This week's Mystery Guest should be easy to spot, but just in case, come back Thursday afternoon to find out who it is!

Another MG that wasn't too terribly difficult to spot! If you missed her, go find Emmy, and see what she looks like from the other side!

Some new faces (so to speak) over at "...the Other HNT" this week. Be sure to stop by and check them out! Your fellow HNTers would appreciate it if you left some comments, too!

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