Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Cleaning HNT

So today (Wednesday) is the first day of Spring! The Vernal Equinox. The Sun is directly over the equator, on it's "way" northward. Around here, it's been feeling springlike for about a week or so. Except nothing will turn green until after Easter, at the earliest. Nice temps (for Montana, give me a break!), snow's all gone, and my horny bird friends are already fornicating on the balcony outside my bedroom door. Yep--it's springtime!

Given that I didn't do any thing for St. Patrick's Day, I spent some of Sunday working on some spring cleaning. Moving piles of crap from one place to another. Just showed me that I need to spend some quality time some weekend to do it right. One of the other things I found is that I needed to give Michelle a good cleaning, inside and out. First off, I gave her a bath, being sure to concentrate on her inner parts. You may remember our HNT from the early days where I shared the bath with her. This time around, however, she was the only one in the tub. After she was thoroughly cleaned, I jumped in the shower with her and carefully washed her curves, being sure to get to all the various nooks and crannies! Afterwards, I snapped a few pictures of us for the "365 Days" project over on Flickr (by the way, there's a button over there in my sidebar directly to my site).

While I was in a picture taking mood, I also took a couple without Michelle. If you're really brave, you can find the best one by clicking on it!

If you look at her breasts, you'll see that this week's Mystery Guest is a sex blogger! She's been mentioned over at Sugasm a time or two, as well as having her picture featured over there too! She's sexy, she's not afraid to raise a stink, and she's been seen as both the MG and over at the anon site. She's also part Cherokee! We'll reveal her on Thursday afternoon, but she'd probably tell you ahead of time if you emailed her!
This one wasn't too terribly hard to figure out. It's Stealth, this week's birthday girl! Go say hi, and take a look at her gorgeous necklace!
"...the Other HNT" is a little light numbers-wise. But definitely NSFW. Just a request--I didn't get any of these until early this afternoon. It would certainly be helpful if I got them earlier!
The opera is going well so far. Today was the first really busy day, and they get busier from here. I'll pop in whenever I can!
Lastly, for your viewing pleasure...

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