Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sorry, boys and girls...

...sometimes even the clowns need to recharge. I've got nothing for you of substance. And I don't really want to be whiney. Well, I do, but I won't subject you to that. Too much.

Alot of little things (and bigger things) piling up over the past week or so. Finances. Close friends, both bloggy and real life, who are in the midst of some serious personal crises. Finding out from a 3rd party that someone you thought was a decent blogger friend has been talking smack about you. Realizing that you've taken a number of things/people/friends for granted. More bloggers locking up their sites. Missing out on the lunar eclipse because it all happened before the thing even came up over the horizon.

Granted, there's some good stuff too! Just found out last night that a good bloggy friend is getting hitched!! As well as a couple of others. A new pregnancy here and there. A good crop of "safer" anons this week, as well as a great Mystery Guest. We've got a gig this weekend (woohoo!). We have very little snow here, and it's been far less severe than most of the rest of the country (including other parts of MT). Daylight Savings Time starts this weekend, which I think will help.

So there you have it. Some bad, some good. But nothing of substance... Time for this clown to recharge...

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