Monday, March 26, 2007

It's Back!!! Musical Monday #14 (or so...)

A little later than usual, but after suffering through months of Castpost being worthless, and searching for a decent replacement, I've found one! Radio.Blog.Club is wonderful and free. I know many of you use it too. I highly recommend it.

My selection for my first Musical Monday back is very obvious to me. After spending 3 very long days of final rehearsals, the opera we presented (Bizet's "Carmen") was a total success. Personally, I generally dislike opera, unless I'm playing in the pit orchestra (same thing with musicals...). This one, however, has so much familiar music, that I couldn't help but like it. Other than the fact that it was performed in French, so that we couldn't see the subtitles on the screen above stage. The only problem now is that I'm constantly singing various in my head!

So that's what I leave you for today's comeback MM. From the first act of "Carmen". Enjoy!

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