Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ooh, Baby, Baby HNT

I haven't talked much about In Cahoots or gigs or anything like that recently. That's because we've taken sort of a forced hiatus for the winter. Normally, when a group takes some time off, it's to work on new material, write some songs, maybe work on some solo stuff (oh, wait--that's what the big name bands do...). No, for us, we're birthin' babies!

The trumpet section has been busy this year! Kelly, the guy in the dark blue Hawaiian shirt, and his wife had a son at the end of January.

Chris (in orange) and our sax player Leanne (also his wife, in blue next to me) just had their first child (a boy) Tuesday night while the rest of us were together! Some people will do anything to get out of rehearsing! We've got a gig this weekend, so we're starting back up. Leanne will be out of the picture for another month or so--just in time for the summer rush.

All this talk about babies, and being sort of uninspired this week, made me decide that you'll get to see me in my babyness. I think I've posted these before at some point, but dammit, I'm just cute enough to post them again! And I'm nekkid!

This week's Mystery Guest is a returnee from quite awhile ago. She's one of the early members of HNT, and this pose is quite reminiscent of her very first one. She has also snuck in an anon or two. She likes movies, animals and late night snacks. She's opted not to reveal herself this time around, but might let you know it's her if you send her an email asking about it!

"...the Other HNT" is quite a bit tamer than the past couple of weeks, but still NSFW, as usual. And there's a couple of newbies, and an old-timer or two as well!
While I wasn't looking for it, many of you offered to kick someone's ass for me! Definitely not necessary, but certainly appreciated! It's just one of those things, and not worth getting into. But thanks!

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