Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Look Out Butte!

Got some good news today! I came home and had a voice message waiting for me. There was a change of plea in the trial scheduled for Thursday, so a jury isn't needed. I've got the day to myself!!
    8:00 AM--green beer and shots at O'Toole's
    11:00 AM--corned beef & cabbage (and green beer) at Bert & Ernie's
    12:00 PM--take a little nap to sober up a little bit....
    3:00 PM--head to Butte
    4:00 PM--hit the Irish Times & the M & M in Butte (beers)
    5:00 PM--set up equipment at Red Lion (H2O for the rest of the night)
    7:00 PM--In Cahoots w/the Mob Rules Horns celebrate St. Patrick's Day!
    11:00 PM--Last dance (thank people for extra beer I might have had)
    12:00 AM--Head back to Helena after tear-down (more H20)
    12:30 AM--Stop @ Town Pump in Boulder for burritos (MMMmmm..)
    1:00 AM--Home, Sweet Home

Anyone who might be around are invited to join me!

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