Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Burger King/Stephen King

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I've mentioned this in an earlier post, but it just seems to get weirder. Is anyone at all creeped out by the Burger King ads these days? In particular--the oversized head of the BK mascot? Straight out of a Stephen King novel! The whole look is that of a demon-possessed clown. Sort of like the one in "Poltergeist", or the ventriloquist's dummy in "Magic". No change in facial expression. You're just waiting for the point in the ad where he pulls out a machete and whacks off someone's finger (and tosses it into Wendy's chili pot). Whatever happened to the gentler times of "Have it your way...."?


Now that BK has rolled out their latest offering in breakfast gluttony (the Enormous Omelet Sandwich--730 calories & 47 g. of fat!), they've got their newest commercials. And they all feature the creepy King. At the end of one commercial, it shows the King outside a house trying to look through the blinds in a window. Another one has the King on the living room floor, rolling around with the family dog after delivering breakfast, and enjoying it a bit too much. These commercials are a follow-up to the one where a guy rolls over in bed and is face-to-mask with the creepy King (see above).

I don't know why the BK marketing people think that we'll all flock to them after seeing these commercials. The one with Hootie (and it apparently is Hootie!) is just disturbing, and these latest ones make my skin crawl. Creepy, creepy, creepy. Unless, of course, Stephen King is actually involved, in which case, the commercials are great!! But they still won't make me go there...

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