Friday, March 11, 2005

The Ants Go Marching One By One....

I was horrified, and slightly entertained, when I read this. It's the story of a retired postal worker who died in a Florida nursing home where he was recuperating from surgery. Early on July 26th, 2001, his bed was swarmed by hundreds of fire ants that proceeded to make a meal of him. He later died due to shock from ant poisoning. His family was just awarded almost $2 million.

The disturbing part about this story is that it happened in the U.S.! One would probably not be surprised to hear about something like this happening in another part of the world. Like Texas, maybe. Wouldn't the sight of an army of ants raise some alarms with someone at the nursing home? And why just attack this one guy? I can't imagine that ants would be terribly choosy. Once they broke into the nursing home, they'd have their pick of victims!

If I were a swarm of fire ants, I don't believe I'd attack a nursing home. Just let me nibble on some young bikini-clad thing down on the beach.

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