Friday, June 04, 2010

Time for Bullets!

Some stuff in my head from the past few days:
  • Cranked out three songs last night in the span of about 3 hours. It's pressure, but once I get deep into it, the stuff just flows...
  • Famous people seem to die in threes. Though at this writing, John Wooden hasn't passed on yet, it seems that it's inevitable. Miss Ellie, the world's ugliest dog of 2009 finally put us out of our misery. And Rue McClanahan of the Golden Girls. Didn't you just know that Betty White would outlast the rest of the Girls?
  • Wednesday night, while finishing up OHNTs I was watching ESPN. Well, ESPN was on the tube. Celtics vs. Lakers. Which confused me greatly, since I didn't think the Finals started until last night. Well, they were replaying a game from the Final from TWO YEARS AGO! WTH?? My lack of give-a-damn certainly came shining through!
  • Speaking of sports... Should Bud Selig overturn the umpire's atrocious call and give Armando Galarraga the perfect game he rightly deserves?
  • In two vastly different emails from different people, I was called "gentlemanly" and "a nice guy". I can live with that.
  • Over the past weekend, I had the ringer on my phone turned off. If I hadn't, I would have been able to take the 1AM phone call I got. Reverse look-up told me that it was an unpublished land line in Atlanta (meaning it was 3AM there!). I checked with the handful of people I know from the area, and they all denied calling. Did I get a drunk call from one of you people???
  • Got word a couple of nights ago that I'll be having a house guest (apartment guest?) at the end of the month. All she requests is that the bathroom be clean. Well, I'm just a little too proud for that, so Operation Scrubdown starts this weekend. Squeezed in there somewhere between music writing, rehearsals and staff meetings. More to come about this one later on.
  • Noticed a sad trend with HNT. Yesterday there were only 48 "I'm ups". Forty-eight. Let me say right off the bat that I'm not approaching this as a comment whore. I could care less about the numbers on my own posts. But my HNT posts are more for YOU guys to come back to and see who else has joined in. Why the downturn in numbers? Right off the bat, it appears that people are forgetting. Plenty of HNTers who have been doing this for awhile forget to come over (or opt NOT to). Depriving many of us, particularly the newbies, from finding them. Also taking a hit, though minor, from those whom I apparently pissed off with my "sexblogger" rant a few weeks ago (which also shows me that they didn't really read all that I wrote...). Some of them took their gloves and balls and bats and made a new place to play. Whatever. Some of you play on both fields, which is nice. I'm not ready to consider that HNT is dying out, as I've seen this thing ebb and flow for years. But it's just odd to see less than 50 comments for something that once regularly garnered over 300!
  • I've mentioned this before, but I hope you guys are coming back to check out those who posted later in the day. There's been some wonderful HNTs that have gotten posted later on Thursday!


Millie said...

Glad you're getting a good flow going with your music! Wish I were as talented :)

Maybe the downturn in numbers is just a phase.. people may be too distracted by summer or something. I dunno. Stay positive :p

Genevieve said...

You used to get over 300 comments for HNT!?! Wow!
Well, I do have to admit to not participating in HNT this or last week. And another confession... I played 'Wanton Wednesday' the other day. Is that like cheating on you?? I hope not! ;) I knew I was going to be busy with something else on Thursday and, quite frankly, I don't have enough pictures in my files to put up two nekkids in one week anyway.
But I did still try to stop by and visit a couple people and leave comments. But you know, there are many who no matter how many times you visit their page or how many comments you leave they will not return the favor whether it is for HNT or another post. Not that I have anything interesting going on in my little corner of blogworld to earn much of a following anyway but just saying that maybe some other people have made the rounds and left comments and haven't gotten any responses so they don't always post here that they are up. I don't know? I definitely do get more comments on the nekkid days than I do on pictures of a beach or a tree though.
Also, the weather is nicer, people might be busier, on vaca, etc.
Combination of things probably.
I'm sure the numbers will go up again. It's alot of fun!

Hope Operation Scrubdown goes well!

Hmm... not completely familiar with rules and regs in baseball, but since the Ump admitted his mistake and apologized I would overturn it.

Ms Scarlett said...

Wow... you are a busy guy!

I think comments are down all over... quite a few people have mentioned it. I don't know if people doing 'other things' has anything to do with it - though I would hope that wouldn't be the case... that just strikes me as a bit childish.


Emmy said...

I am one that needs to go back through the "i'm ups" and visit. I ran out of time late Wednesday - but haven't had time the rest of the week. This weekend - I will definitely do it.

I feel like it's that time of the year where people are just being wacky. The negativity I've experience everywhere lately is just pissing me off. People are reading too much into things and seem to be unable to look at situations objectively. But that's just my view of things.

I'm glad you are making good progress on the songs. And good luck on the whole cleanup this weekend! :)

Anonymous said...

Well as a newbie to HNT (and who posted her 'I'm up' on Friday), I am grateful for those who came by and said hi. I need to go back and look at everyone - but sometimes I get distracted. I'm like Homer Simpson - oooh, donuts!

As for sports... as far as I'm concerned Galarraga pitched a perfect game. Selig should be ashamed of himself for not overturning the botched call.