Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Trying to get back to some sense of normalcy around here. Nothing like a bunch of staff meetings for the symphony to bring one back the frustratingly mundane.

Hey! Dad's birthday is today! Seventy-seven. Wow. Also Ashly Star's bday too! She's not 77 today.

Ooh! "The Secret of My Success" is on right now. Helen Slater...mmmmm! As a side note...damn, the 80s were embarrassing.

Have you seen that Huggies commercial for the "denim" diapers? I'm not a big fan of diaper commercial, in general, but I really like that one!

Speaking of commercials, another one that caught my attention (and brought a tear to my eye) is the one for freecreditreport.com. And the news that they're replacing the band. Been there.

Speaking of band...the official name of the big soul band I've joined is (are you ready for this?) Big Soul Band. Good thing we make better music than original band names! Last week sort of put the pressure on me to get horn charts done as quickly as possible. I'm down to only four more left! The question has come up...can a hot chick and eight white boys from Montana play soul? We'll find out! Our first gig is at a local festival. Opening act. Opening for Michelle Shocked. Pressure's on!

Speaking of that night, that's the same night that Moose will be coming to visit! For those new to the game, she's my best friend, the one who got me into blogging, and one of the original HNTers. She informed me that she was staying with me for about 5 days. In my apartment. We've shared a motel room or two in the past, but we've never played house before. She's only concerned about the bathroom being clean, but I can't let her stay here in its current state. Now have a reason to do an intense cleaning of the whole place. And it's started!

Speaking of playing house, well, this doesn't really have anything to do with that, but I've got food to last me for quite awhile. While people have best intentions when they send food to families, there gets to be a point where food needs to be redistributed. My sister got eight (8!) whole hams. About four meat/cheese trays. Maybe half a dozen veggie trays (with dip). Cases upon cases of water, pop and beer. Casseroles. Enough bags of chips to last the summer out at their lake place. Far too much for one family to dispose of before things start to spoil. I got one of the hams, one of the meat/cheese trays, and a baggie or two of the veggies. Thanks Ray!


13messages said...

Michelle Shocked is so great. Your post has inspired a late night listening to her "Prodigal Son." I saw her perform once and was awestruck watching she and her band play such beautiful and soulful tunes.

My best to you.

Moosekahl said...

We can make a fancy ham dinner while we play house! You have stayed at my house more than once too...Remember the weekend you "showed up" on my front step and then on the way home from the football game. no cats at your house to wake up on top of my head though ;)

Ashly Star said...

Thanks for the birthday mention! 77 is still a ways away from me, heh. ;) Happy Birthday to your dad!

That's a lot of food. If you need help eating any of that, just teleport me over, lol. :D


Cheeky Minx said...

Wow, opening for Michelle Shocked is so impressive. I have no doubt BSB will be fabulous.

And yes, that's a crazy amount of ham! xx

Yoj said...

Wait, what... they're dumping the Freecreditreport band?! I didn't see that commercial? Damn... I wonder if they'll put out an album.

Anonymous said...

I always found it funny the way people make food when someone dies.

Jen Fooled Around said...

I agree on the Huggies commercial.. I Youtubed it at work so my secretary could watch it.. we watched it a couple times. Very funny.
There is a great commercial video/rap for the toyota sienna by a very white non hip family (not real I am sure) but its a hoot too if you haven't seen it.

Happy BDAY to Dad !

Topaz said...

Just read about your gig, so I wish you luck! It sounds so exciting!

Leah said...

Is your new band going to get on YouTube? I'm a soul music freak and I'd love to see you perform. Too far to be a groupie from the UK.