Thursday, June 24, 2010

Solstice 2010 HNT

As I do every year, I was up with the sun on the longest day of the year. Birds were chirping. Bunnies were hopping. There was a damp chill in the air still from the storms from the night before. Curiously, there were no joggers/walkers out at this time of morning, which really is odd. But it made it much more comfortable to be on my balcony just a bit more than half-nekkid for my annual Solstice Sunrise picture!

Of course, the clouds you see coming in blocked out the sun for most of the morning...

Not much to say here.
An angel who helped in a time of need.
To be revealed Thursday afternoon.
Come back to see!
Not too difficult to figure out this week's angel of mercy. I call her that, because she stepped up at the 23rd hour to be the MG. Thanks, Jobthingy! Be sure to stop by and thank her. And kiss her boo-boo from the earthquake...

Plenty of fellow HNTers to check out over at "...the Other HNT" this week. NSFW, as usual, but please stop by and leave plenty o' comments!
Go ask me an anonymous question over in the white formspring box!
Way back in 2008, Tony over at BTExpress started a project in his back yard that he got us all excited about. Replacing his small, plain pool with a much larger, much nicer pool. He spent most of the summer posting construction updates, pictures of the hedges and trees being taken out, and throwing in an occasional HNT with them. Then last summer, he posted the final results (click 'em to big 'em).

Shortly after that, he and I were chatting, and he mentioned how he wished people could come see it. It was at that point that I blurted out the obvious..."POOL PARTY!" Knowing that I've got some experience in the blogger meet up area, he asked how he should start. The first thing I suggested was to give at least a year's notice so that people would be able to plan. So he picked a date, and the rest is history. Well, maybe not history yet, but it will be!

We're at 45 days out now! The party will take place on Saturday, August 7th, starting in the mid-afternoon. And it's open invitation! Sure, many of us have gotten the personal invites, but there's so many newbies out here that he's asked me to mention it here and extend the invitation to all. I'll be there, as well as a couple of people from Texas, and other guests have indicated their probability of attending. He really needs to get a head count, plus none of you know where he lives, so here's all the details:
When: Saturday, Aug. 7, 2010; 2:00 PM - Midnight (at least)
Where: Long Island, NY (get details from Tony)
Who: Friends and Bloggerfriends of Tony (BTExpress)
Why: Official Grand Opening of his pool
What to expect: Drinks, swimming, grilling, profound conversation, probable skinny-dipping (based on trial parties already held), new friendships and good times.
Go check out his post from last year where he showed off his new pool. Let him know that you're interested in coming by emailing him (check his profile for his address). He'll be able to give you more of the details. Let's make this the most memorable blogger meet-up yet!
It's been a busy week here in the Land of Os. Final rehearsals for Friday's debut of the Big Soul Band; final cleaning for Operation Scrubdown; graveside services for my BIL; Moose's arrival sometime on Friday; symphony staff meetings--all these have pretty much kept me away from the computer since last week. Apologies for not keeping up with my "regulars"!


SapioSlut said...

I'm up and naked in a sex shop.

(My second adventure in the Scavenger Hunt.)

Happy HNT!

Tragic™ said...

What a gorgeous sunrise! And MG has curves to absolutely DIE for! I'm up and feeling cuddly.. Happy HNT y'all! ♥

MinorityReport said...

aww. i love seeing bunnies hopping around in the morning.

I'm up.

And pool party you say?...hmm...

Emmy said...

Great sunrise! :)

Love the MG too!

I'm up! And happy HNT!

Barefoot Dreamer said...

good thing you cleaned your deck off! MG amazing for short notice. OHNT hot as always - just all around good stuff !!!!

oh, and I'm up (almost forgot it was hnt!)

Anonymous said...

I'm playing again.

What a gorgeous sky!

And a lovely Mystery Guest!

Topaz said...

I just love the sunrise... Your guest is lovely. So is that pool! I wanna just dive right in. HHNT!

And I'm up :-)

Vixen said...

What an amazing shot of the sunrise. (and you of course ;)

I knew the MG before I clicked but really knew the fabulous her when I did. *breathtaking*

I'm up. Different than usual this week for me. But different can be good sometimes....or so I've heard (lol)


Anonymous said...

Up and surfing baby.....

Beautiful MG.

Anonymous said...

Pool party sounds like a big time to me!

MG is an angel indeed! Always stellar.

Mines up with some hottie guest goodness!

BTExpress said...

Thanks for the promo, but you forgot to mention the hot tub. ;-)

See you at the party and hopefully many others.

I'm up too.

Jobthingy said...

im up! with an earthquake injury!!! :-O

yes i agree, that MG is smokin ;)



Sadie said...

I'm up!

MG is smokin hot!


figleaf said...

Hey, I was in our local summer-solstice parade and wound up in the newspaper. (But not as one of the 750-1000 half-nekkid bicyclists that showed up this year.)

I've been working more, worrying more, cooking healthier meals, exercising, and being too busy and broke for between meal snacks. One unexpected consequence? If I don't wear a belt my jeans don't stay up.

Pictures at my HNT page,

Happy HNT, Osbasso!


Mr. Smith said...

Happy HNT! Were up!

Ms Scarlett said...

After numerous (and SLOW) updates, I'm finally up!!

Lovely MG.. I'll be back tomorrow to see who!!

That pool pic makes me wish I lived on the East coast, or had any plausible reason to travel to the East coast!! I can't wait to hear all about the Pool Party!!

XO ~ Scarlett

Ms Scarlett said...

OH!! And I LOVE your Solstice Sunrise Shot!!


Petal said...

Oh lucky, lucky you...longest day...

Nice MG :)

I'm up!

James said...

Great picture O's, great sunrise.

MG is hot! Can't wait to find out who it is.

Wish I could attend the pool party, sounds like a great time.

I'm up.

13messages said...

I can't make the pool party, but I am hoping for pics. :)

I'm up.

Noddy Blue said...

There it is.

Cheeky Minx said...

Ooh, love the sunrise pic and the insanely sexy MG!

I’m up!

Margaret said...

Cool sunrise pic. And the MG is stunning. :)

I am up.


Beryl said...

I need a vacation up North.

Breaking my HNT cherry on a new blog. Happy HNT!


Bad Bad Girl said...

Well somebody is sure Half Nekkid over at my page!

Happy Summer Os! and you know I'd love to come to a pool party if I was close enough to be there!!!

Janie said...

Oooo MG is hot! And the sky looks gorgeous, I totally forgot it was the longest day a couple of days ago, definitely didn't make the most of it!

I'm up! Happy HNT!


Janie said...

Oooo MG is hot! And the sky looks gorgeous, I totally forgot it was the longest day a couple of days ago, definitely didn't make the most of it!

I'm up! Happy HNT!


Joanna Cake said...

The weather here is beautiful atm and I did wake up first thing but, going to bed so light atm, there was no way I was getting out of bed.

I so wish I could come to the pool party! I shall just have to be there in spirit. Can someone throw a cupcake in?

Im up with ideas on how to deal with the computer blues. HHNT x

heelsnstocking said...

A tad far for a party for me :-(

I'm up and being a tad naughty as ever but who can blame me day 12 of abstaining.
Yummy x

P.S sexy MG and HNT xx

Luka said...

Happy midsummer and half nekkidness, Os!

I'm back from spending the solstice with the druids at Stonehenge and posting an HNT to celebrate 3 years of blogging at the Boudoir. How time flies when you're having fun.

Anonymous said...

To help commemorate the start of summer, We are up at Married In Ohio with some artistic half nekkidness.

Sweat Shop Sissy said...

it's a little late, but we're up with a rare HNT contribution

Maggie said...

What a view, what a view. :-)

I'm up.

Anonymous said...

Mmm... pool party and LI isn't that far from me. Though I am a shy girl. :)

I'm up this week. Have been busy putting out fires at work this week, so I'll be around to visit everyone at some point between now and Friday night.

Happy Solstice, O. Great sunrise. I keep saying one of these days I'm gonna make it to the beach for sunrise - sounds like an idea for HNT, though could be risky. But then who am I to resist a challenge?

Happy HNT!

Laura said...

After a bit of an unplanned hiatus, I'm back...and I'm up...before midnight even...

HyperSexualGirl said...

I thought it would be much more mountainous were you are.

(That is a very sexy picture of you, btw.)

I'm up!

Sexy Tigerx said...

I'm finally up!!!

Love the pic and the MG!!

xoxo, Crystal

Anonymous said...

The problem with these beautiful sunrises is that you have to get up so damn early in the morning to see them.

Coincidentally, I'm up too - and too early.

Bunny said...

Love the sun rise. The MG is gorgeous! I'm up!


padme amidala said...

Hi OS,
Happy HNT! We are up with a new HNT picture called "Tied up with rope":


Kyle said...

mmmm I love mornings like that, I get them very rarely and savor every moment...

my HNT is up, something from my girljock side

SlipperyWhnWhet said...

Solstice might have actually brought summer up here to the Pacific NW. I haven't had to wear a jacket for at least two days! ;)

I am up. Bath

PandaDementia said...

I'm up with a little bit of skin, but A LOT of love. An #HNT dedicated to my anniversary. Enjoy!

viemoira said...

What a beautiful sunrise...Happy HNT and I am up like the sun! :)

The Kinky Pixie said...

*through muffled voice*


ladypandorah said...

I've been feeling braver than usual and have actually participated in an HNT this week...eek!

Happy HNT to the regulars and any other Newbies, like me!!

LP xx

Trixie Fontaine said...

HNT solstice pics rock! Mine aren't summer pics, but glasses & stockings (very very not safe for work, folks):

Mrs. Learning2swing said...

HNT I'm up :)

Dafs said...

I am up, happy Thursday!

Dana said...

Can I just say that I adore your annual summer solstice HNT. *BIG GRIN*

Going Cerebral said...

gosh, i miss the horizon-to-horizon views. especially when it comes to watching summer thunderstorms. wouldn't trade my green and water though. i'm still soaking it up from my drought in the 90s. *lol*

Happy HNT, Os. We're working on major clean up as well, so you're not alone in your efforts. ;) Still not participating on the new blog, but you said to drop a comment when I stopped in.