Monday, June 21, 2010

Change of Season

Spring went out with a bang on Monday. We were pelted with a pretty decent storm, a little hail, and then a steady rain for most of the night. But that paled in comparison to what happened in Billings (3 1/2 hours to the east). An F-2 tornado touched down during the late afternoon. Fortunately, no one was killed, and there were no real injuries. The biggest casualty was the biggest indoor sports/entertainment facility in the state. The roof was ripped off, as well as much of the siding, and the question now is whether it can be gutted and repaired, or torn down and rebuilt.

There's some great videos online if you google Billings and tornado. This one in particular is sort of a compilation of various videos. You can tell that Montanans aren't accustomed to the correct protocol when dealing with a tornado. Between the guy that videos the funnel directly above his house, to the constant flow of traffic driving past the complex as debris is blowing all around them.

While we didn't get anything like that here, it was dark and rainy all afternoon/evening. Until sundown, when the sun peeked through the gap in the clouds and mountains to make the most perfect rainbow. The perfect way to end Spring, and ring in the Summer! Click 'em to big 'em!


Cheeky Minx said...

The tornado made the news over here in Oz. (Hmmm, both seem to recall Dorothy and that yellow brick road!)

I love the rainbow pics. :)

Dana said...

I was just a little surprised o hear about the tornado in Billings. I realize that part of Montana is more prone to them, but YIKES!

And your neck of the woods produces some of the most gorgeous and vivid rainbows. Memories ...

Anonymous said...

Very cool rainbow pics!!!

Emmy said...

Am I weird by saying I miss storms like these? Even tornado warnings and touchdowns. Yeah, I'm weird.

Glad no one was hurt.
Love the rainbow pics.

No one Special said...

I talked with the GM for the "Outlaws" today and he said they are planning on having the home game at metra park next sunday. They are having bleachers shipped and and they are going to "JUST DO IT". Nothing can stop a football game I guess.. :)

Barefoot Dreamer said...

they figured out that there were 35 tornadoes here last Thursday. new record. thankfully they all missed us- and thankfully they missed you.

loved waking to the rainbow pics the other morn