Monday, April 05, 2010

Weak post today...

Gee... NCAA championship, WWE Raw, or TNA Impact! So many choices tonight! I doubt I'll watch any TV last night. I will make my official prediction that Butler doesn't stand a chance against Duke, though it will be a surprisingly close game. Duke will win by at least 10 points, though. Remember--you heard it here first!
Did the family thing for Easter. That was nice. Hope you all had a nice weekend too!
Found myself possibly involved in a pissing match with someone online. No one that any of you know. I didn't want to do it, but I got a FB message from this person, and it just couldn't be ignored. Hopefully it's over, but I have a feeling that I might have opened up a can of worms...
I hope you enjoyed my April Fool's post! It was interesting to see what the reverse translation was when I moved it back to English! Many thanks to those of you who commmented in a different language!
One of the things you might have missed was the PROGRAMMING ALERT! This week marks the 4th anniversary of OHNT (are you KIDDING me??). Last year, for the third anniversary, we had 30 people submit something. I'd love to get it to 40 this year! So if you've ever thought about it, this week would be a great time to do so!
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New adventure of the OsShirt goes up tonight. Be sure to check it out!


13messages said...

That reverse translation trick is a lot of fun with popular song lyrics. CCR from French and then back to English is always good for a giggle.

Sa said...

I'm so tired too at the moment. We should set up a nocturnal chat date, except we coould never be nocturnal at the same time!

Lil Bit said...

Oh gawd, pissing matches with people online don't usually bode or end well, Eeps.

Hope you had a nice Easter tho! =)