Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It's mid-April. How did that happen??

I think I'm going to keep my template like it is for now. I really like that background shot and don't want to clutter it. It's the view from the tee of the 16th hole at Augusta National. And the hole that so many championships have been decided on. (If your screen resolution doesn't allow you to see the full picture of the pond, do a "view background image". It's almost surreal!)
Rehearsals for the opera have started, and the tension is beginning to mount. We're over-budget, the full rehearsal schedule has not yet been determined, and I face 14-hour days at the theater for all of next week. But that's about par for the course. We're doing Rossini's "Barber of Seville". Much of the music would be familiar to most of you. Clips of the music (thanks to Warner Bros.) can be enjoyed below (at 4:54 in the second clip).

More opera stories to come later, assuming I can get to my computer at all...
April 13th, and it snowed ALL DAY. The really wet sort of snow, and temperatures that couldn't tell if it should be snow or a really cold rain. I'll bet things get really green around here this weekend!
I pulled an all-nighter Saturday night for no good reason. I got into doing some paperwork for symphony, then checked YouTube once or twice, and next thing you know, it was almost 4 AM. Decided at that point to just make a full night of it. Maintained fairly well on Sunday, but my ass was a-draggin' on Monday! Haven't pulled an all-nighter since driving non-stop to see Moose in Minnesota about 5 years ago! I'm too old for this anymore!
Anyone have a winning lottery ticket they'd like to give me?


heelsnstocking said...

Love the view x
I'm up! And been a tad more naughty than usual!
And get some rest yer big dafty!
Yummy x

heelsnstocking said...

lmao! clearly posted it on wrong page!!! well it was something like 4am UK time :-(

Lil Bit said...

I like your bg pic, too... very fresh!

Sorry, no winning lottery tick here, sweetie.. kinda gotta play to win. LOL