Sunday, April 18, 2010

I'm at the barber...

Having just gone through the weekend's rehearsals for the opera, I can pretty much guarantee that you won't see much of me until after next weekend. Something will go up for HNT, but I'm not sure how I'm going to manage that... And it looks like I'll have to hand over the keys to OHNT to someone else, but hopefully you won't even notice a difference.

As for me, my title for this little opera (Barber of Seville) is production manager. However, insert any/all of the following, and you get a better idea of what I have to do:
Fireman - putting out fires before they get out of control. We've already had to deal with three.
Slave Driver - we're putting the singers through more rehearsals than they are used to, because we're putting it together in a week.
Supreme Court Justice - technically, all complaints/problems have to come to me, and I get to use my Solomon-like wisdom to make a decision. We'll see how well that goes.
Cat Herder - I have 7 guest artists, 12 chorus singers, about 46 orchestra members, 1 conductor and 5 production staff members to keep on task.
Security Guard - all visitors, press, and others not directly involved with the show have to check in with me. Unfortunately, I don't get to strap on a sidearm.
Timekeeper - I get to be the hardass to pull the plug when rehearsals hit their scheduled end time. Not everyone is going to like that.
Truck Driver - still get to drive the truck, but that's not so bad. Loading and unloading and making deliveries is still a pain in the butt.
Administrative Assistant - self-explanatory. Unfortunately, the administrator I'm assisting is myself. On the up side--I'll have my computer with me at all times, and there's a rumor that there's wifi I can pick up, so if there's any chance at all for me to get online, I will!
There's bound to be more job titles to be added as the week gets under way. I'm anticipating Diplomat, Gofer, and Janitor at the very least. I refuse to be Chauffeur though!

Hope you all have a good week! Click on the YouTube links a couple of posts below this one to listen to what I get to live and breathe for the next 8 days!


frances said...

toi toi for your upcoming show!

heelsnstocking said...

good luck with it! and do sleep when you come home at night!!


Ms Scarlett said...

Hope all goes well! Make sure you get lots of sleep!! No all-nighters!!


Osbasso said...

Frances--Aha! Someone who knows toi, toi! Thanks!

Heels--Thanks! Getting to sleep won't be much of a problem, I'm sure!

Ms. S--No all-nighters for me anymore. I'm just getting caught up from the one from 10 days ago!

CbE said...

Good luck!

I'll miss you. :*

~C~ said...

Hey Bub! Thinkin' of you! Im back!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I buckled. I'm back.

Cheeky Minx said...

Lots of luck, Os!

And "Cat Herder" on top of everything else! Love it... xx

Lil Bit said...

Oh yeah, production managers wear LOTS of hats!

Best of luck with the show! =)