Tuesday, May 19, 2009

TMI Tuesday #187 - HNT Anniversary Editon

It was 4 years ago today that Half-Nekkid Thursday (HNT) became an official thing. Happy Birthday and thanks for the memories.

1. Have you ever participated in HNT? If so, when? If not, why not? - I've participated in every one since the beginning, though there was a six-week period when my camera was stolen that I relied on others with the original Mystery Guest concept. That involved others who were half-nekkid, but somehow incorporated an earlier HNT of mine in their photo. Some great, imaginative shots!
2. Have you ever avoided certain sites because of the HNT pictures that were posted? - I would have to say yes to that. Some might criticize me for that, but frankly, there's some HNTers that just don't strike my fancy. And it's not just the guy's sites, either!
3. Have you ever posted a HNT picture that you wish that you hadn't? - I'm OK with anything I've ever posted, though I'm not known for flaunting my nekkidness. People really don't want to be seeing that!
4. Do you email/text/call anyone regularly with someone you met through HNT? - On a daily basis to all three. I'd guess that there's maybe 6-10 that I am in very close contact with regularly. And many more on a less regular, but personal, basis.
5. What percentage of your online friends are current or former HNTers? - I'd have to say at least 90% of them are. Probably more. I think HNT has become a great marketing tool to get your foot in the door, so to speak, to network and make friends. Granted, it's harder to keep up with those who only blog on an occasional basis anymore, but HNT is what opened those doors.
6. Does anyone in your "real" life know that you do HNT (if, of course, you do)? - Besides the friends who joined in to get this whole thing started, I think there's two former students, two musician friends, two (older) spouses of symphony members, and none of my family. If there's others, they haven't told me!
7. Other than previously-known friends, have you met any fellow HNTers? - I do really well at this! I've met 43 different bloggers (listed on my sidebar), and all but three of them have participated in HNT at one time or another. Some have had repeat meetings (including a few in the really near future!), and I hope to add at least one, maybe two this summer. If you ever get the chance to meet a bloggiefriend in person, I highly recommend it!
8. Have you ever downloaded someone else's HNT pictures? - In the early days, before I had a clue how out of control this whole thing would become, I downloaded everyone's. I've got more than a little disk space taken up with pictures of toes from someone who did HNT a couple of times, then quit blogging. At the time, I had some sort of idea that a record needed to be kept. And in those really early days, HNT didn't have anything more that toes, or shoulders, or a neckline. Nothing like it is now. These days, I'll still download, but only those that I find particularly artistic. For some, that's a weekly occurance, for others, only once in awhile. And no, it's not just the T & A.

BONUS QUESTION: Have you ever submitted a picture for "...the Other HNT"? - I honestly am not sure if I have or not! I can think of one or two pictures that I'd even consider, but I'd have to go back to verify. I'm about 80% certain that I've posted one of my pictures there.

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