Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Good Old Days HNT

There was a great post by SouthernGirl this past week regarding the demise of the art of cover art. How album covers, complete with everything you could possibly want to know about lyrics and artists, were as important to the overall experience of listening to music in the old days, as much as the music. During my years of managing a CD store, I was subject to all sorts of whining about how people missed the artwork. And artwork is exactly what it was. These days, with digital downloads, the art of cover art is a lost art.

Anyway, her post made me start looking through my CDs, and I got into a listening mode. I avoided my jazz and classical, and stuck with as much of my older rock as I could find. For lack of any other inspiration this week, I offer you the CDs I've been listening to over the past couple of days. And probably alot over the next couple of weeks!

"A school bell rings off the day,
brings in a stray a few girls at play.
Cut school pink slips are fine
for a good time there's boys on their mind.

A bad girl smoking in school,
breaking the rules acting real cool.
Talkin' 'bout all the rock boys,
back seat joys with some boy's toy.

At the girlschool, cause my baby broke all the rules.

Saddle shoes uniforms blue,
love all the girls in the girlschool.
Traffic jam in the hallway
ooh I'm gonna stay this makes my day.

Well here they come girls from the school,
breakin the rules hot on the loose.
My girl left right from school,
came over to my house, ooh..."

If you haven't figured out who this MG is (some are easier than others...), be sure to come back Thursday afternoon!

This shouldn't have been too hard to figure out. Our lovely MG this week is the one and only Vixen. If you haven't been by there (and why, exactly, would that be??), go there now!
A definitely NSFW set of pictures over at "...the Other HNT". But not all of them! Be sure to stop by and check out your fellow HNTers!
Keeping with the theme of the good old days here... Remember the Mystery Guest from a few weeks ago that didn't have a site to link to? Well, now she does! YoJ can be found here. Lots of poetry is promised, and a smattering of HNTs, maybe! Go say hi!
Anyone tried the KFC Grilled Chicken? I got a link (good for one day only) to print up free two-piece meals for absolutely FREE! Tried it tonight. Mighty darned fine! Vixen, you might even like it! And to another old-time HNTer...thanks for the link, Ladybug!

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