Thursday, May 21, 2009

4th Anniversary HNT

It's that time of year when we can celebrate the 4th anniversary of HNT! If you didn't read my post from Tuesday, feel free to check it out. Go ahead. I'll wait...

In the meantime, here's the original guidelines, which I've decided to re-post a couple of times a year, just so we're all on the same page! No, they haven't changed. Yes, many of them are a bit outdated or unnecessary...

The Guidelines

I offer these guidelines for "Half-Nekkid Thursday":
  • In that North American, Puritanical way that most of my readers think, "Nekkid", or its variations, somehow insinuates sex, or its variations. WRONG!! The purpose of "Half-Nekkid Thursday" is not to see sex acts! It is the celebration of exposure. Of your big toe. Of your breastbone. Of your knuckles. Of your uvula. Whatever. Of course, sex acts can qualify, so if you want to post those.....
  • "Nekkid" is not the same as nude! Again, nude qualifies, but it is not a requirement!
  • Pictures should be taken of you or by you. Don't be going to some internet site and downloading "Half-Nekkid" pics. And don't use Uncle Bob's pictures from Spring Break '72, either. Let's try to keep this fairly "real".
  • You don't necessarily have to be the subject of the picture. By the same token, if you're not, then the subject(s) should be known to you. No fair going to the beach and snapping pictures left and right. Yes, they might be "Half-Nekkid", but they don't follow the spirit of "Half-Nekkid Thursday".
  • While animals can be included in a "Half-Nekkid Thursday" picture, they are not the focus, therefore cannot be the subject. If an animal is all that keeps your picture "Half-Nekkid" rather than "Full-Nekkid", that's OK.
  • You are allowed a very limited number of cute-kids-in-the-tub type of pictures. We're interested in YOU!
  • Use some originality with your shots. Facial shots should be limited. Artsy body landscapes, conversely, are highly encouraged. If a partner/family member is needed to take the picture, that's OK.
  • Props can help you with creativity, and their use is encouraged, but not necessary.
  • As we get into this, you may find that you want to post more than one picture for "Half-Nekkid Thursday". I would discourage this practice unless absolutely necessary. You should hold some pictures in reserve, in case you find yourself without a new picture down the road.
  • While I can hardly control when you post pictures on your own blogs, let's try to keep "Half-Nekkid Thursday" special, and post "Half-Nekkid" pics only on Thursdays. If you feel the urge to post them more than once a week, I might recommend just emailing them out, rather than posting.
  • Tattoos are certainly an acceptable subject, regardless of location. Scars are also acceptable, but please respect the others who visit "Half-Nekkid Thursday" on a regular basis. Spread out the scar pictures over a few weeks' time, please!
  • Speaking of scars--If you use a picture of a scar, it must be accompanied by some sort of humorous anectdote as to how you got it. For a long, but good example, go here.
  • Other skin conditions might not be acceptable, due to good taste. These include, but are not limited to warts, zits, lesions, ingrown hairs, boils, open sores, peeling skin, scabies, rashes, or any other assorted gross things. I'm not saying that you can't post them. Just use your best judgement, for the sake of the rest of us.
  • When referring to "Half-Nekkid Thursday", please spell it correctly! Not Naked, not Neked, not Nakid. It's "Half-Nekkid Thursday".
  • It's very important to not be dissing other's submissions! We're all going to have half-hearted entries from time to time. None of us is better than the other. One the other hand, it's completely acceptable to heap praise upon those that deserve it!
  • IMPORTANT!--Remember to visit my current "HNT" post and leave a comment indicating that you've posted a picture for "Half-Nekkid Thursday". Consider my blog as the informational kiosk for "Half-Nekkid Thursday". You'll be able to see who is joining the tradition. Commenting is much easier for all concerned, rather than updating my blog each time someone posts their picture. I will try to keep the Blogroll in my sidebar updated each week.
You can see which ones are relevant and which ones used to make sense. Hopefully, everyone's at least read them!!

So Tuesday was the actual anniversary date. I thought about doing something big like I did last year (I urge you to check it out, just to read what HNT has meant to many of us!). But time and inspiration got away from me, so that was out. I could have made some sort of big new announcement, but I've got nothing exciting to share. So how did I choose to celebrate? I hopped on a plane and flew to Indianapolis, where the always-lovely M and I had floor seats to see Elton John and Billy Joel in concert together!

We've actually been planning this for many months. At some point in our chatting last fall, we realized that we both liked classic rock (I think she said it because I lived during it--before it was classic...). I mentioned seeing Elton last April, and she mentioned something about Billy, and we'd both heard that they'd be touring again this year. When the Indy show was announced, we decided that it would make a good birthday present for the both of us (since we share the same birthday!). Lo and behold! I was successful in getting floor tickets! Not up front, not center, but certainly closer than halfway back, and easy access to make beer runs!

Lunches and dinner were shared with Living Diary and NY Diva while here too! Planning a mid-week thing like this never an easy thing, as some people apparently WORK during the week! Fortunately, they work within blocks of everything downtown, so it was easy for them to get away.

So a full concert review will be forthcoming, sometime this weekend. Suffice it to say, it was a fantastic concert, and over 3-1/2 hours of non-stop music. Well worth the trip! In the meantime, here's M and I (couldn't get backstage, dammit...).

In spite of not making a big production like last year (I suggest you go read each of the posts from last year--some great stories about what HNT meant to the old-timers!). My original intent for the Mystery Guest this week was to use four former HNTers who no longer blog, or have changed identities and leave no clue that they used to. That didn't work so well, so I went to Plan B--some of my personal favorite HNTers who are now posting quite sporadically, if at all. I did get four responses to that, and so you have them. To Vixen, Dana, Ms. I., and others, don't take're still posting regularly!

Be sure to come back late Thursday night for the reveal of each of these ladies!

Got in WAY too late last night to do this, but the MGs this week, from top to bottom, are Carnalis, Lee Ann, Summer, and Biscuit. Thanks ladies! (Summer's site is invitation only, but if you leave a request for an invite in the comments of her old site, she'll be checking there!)

I'm pre-drafting "...the Other HNT", so I'm not sure what I have for numbers. But they'll all be posted on time! As usual, NSFW!!!
One more surprise by the end of the week. I have lunch plans on my return layover with a wonderful HNTer! Pictures of that, and the whole week, will be coming soon!
Thanks to those who played TMI this week. Some interesting answers! I think that many of us agree that our friendships with fellow HNTers isn't reliant upon the pictures that we see, but the words that we read. Certainly, there's alot of skimming that goes on, but most of you seemed to say that it may have been the pictures that grabbed your attention, but the stories and comments that really solidified the bond. I like that!

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